February 29, 2024 8:11 AM


The Largest National Rainforest Park In The World Is In Colombia

Colombia’s Serrania del Chiribiquete has been declared as the largest tropical rainforest national park in the world. A recent expansion has added 1.5 million hectares to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


California Is Turning A Redwood Tree Grove Into A Public Park

Save the Redwoods League recently acquired the Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve for $9.6 million. It is set to be turned into a public park complete with hiking trails within the next three years.


Bali Soon To Provide Travelers The Best Combination Of Cultural Immersion And Comfort

The Capella Hotel Group is planning to build ultra-luxurious tents to accompany different kinds of travelers from all over the world. The resort is to be located in Bali, Indonesia.


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