June 20, 2024 1:39 AM


Vizeat: A New 'Dine-Surfing' App Lets You Eat At Strangers' Homes

Vizeat is the "Airbnb of dining" because it allows travelers to eat meals in locals' homes through a booking-based event app.


How People Snack Around The World

The world still eats after lunch and before dinner. Sometimes, these are cheese rolls. They could also be boiled soybeans or a hefty serving of pita bread and hummus. One thing's for sure -- the world snacks differently during the afternoon.


Five Rules Chopstick Beginners Need To Keep In Mind

Chopsticks do not have a steep learning curve to use when eating in Japanese restaurants. But once learned, do not think this is all there is to eat with chopsticks -- proper table manners could mean embarrassment or success for diners.


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