July 14, 2024 4:28 AM


Dubai Airport Sends Off Drone-busters After Several Intrusion Incidents Leads To Closures

Dubai International Airport suspended its operation on October 29 due to unauthorized drones intruding the airspace. The closure lasted about 90 minutes and triggered hundreds of passengers waiting.


See The Fireworks Display From The Eyes Of A Drone

Drone Hub decides to take a closer and bird's eye view of the colorful display with the use of a drone.


Ski Resorts Using Drone GoPros to Lure Thrill-Seekers

A drone hovers around 30 feet over the skier's head, then rapidly swoops down for a more tightly edge so its camcorder can catch everything he might do as he cuts down a steep powder stash. It's not a scene from the most recent Warren Miller movie. It's something the founders of a Silicon Valley production company want to convey to a ski resort near you permitting clients to get an ultimate selfie in a drone zone.


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