October 4, 2023 9:35 PM

airbus a350

Airbus A350 News: One Of The Biggest Airplanes In The World Makes Its First Flight

One of the biggest commercial airplanes in the world, the A350 by Airbus has just managed its first flight. The air giant will be delivered for use to Qatar Airways.


Delta Airlines’ Premium Economy Class Seats Begin Availability 2017

Delta Air Lines has officially announced their upcoming premium economy class seating for long flights. It has been named “Delta Premium” which will be scheduled on late 2017.


No More Airsickness, Jetlag, Dirty Bathrooms With New Aircraft Technology

Flying makes many people sick and in many different ways. From the fear of turbulence, dizziness, jetlag, and stiff neck, many air-related maladies are now being solved by new aircraft innovations.


A Double-Decker Plane and Airbus “Family Flight” Showcased Incredible Aerial Formation

An incredible set of multi-million dollar Airbus planes soared to the sky into an astounding formation exhibiting an excellent piloting skills.


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