May 27, 2024 9:00 AM

Air India

Air India Gains Sales On Tickets To US After Electronics Ban

The negative effect of the US ban on electronic from flights coming from the Middle East has caused fortune on the sales of Air India with 100 percent soar on ticket sales in the last week of March.


Old Airbus Plane Turns Into A Restaurant

Do you love in-flight food? Though some people have debated on that, one thing's for sure now is that the food on the old Airbus 320 will be delicious now that it has turned to be a restaurant at Ludhiana Punjab in India.


‘Women Only’ Seats To Be Introduced In Air India

Air India announced to launch 'women only' seats in light of recent sexual misconduct onboard.


Air India Introduces Women's Only Area On Planes To Address Sexual Harassment; People’s Response Suggest It’s An Insult To Women

Air India's decision to reserve seats for solo female travelers gained mixed reactions from people. Some commended the airline company for addressing the issues regarding sexual harassment while some stated it's an insult to women.


Ultra-Long Haul Flying Takes Off – The World’s Newest Longest Flight

Ultra-long-haul flights are extremely expensive to operate, and depend on relatively cheap oil for profitability. But just last week, Air India claimed it had launched the world's longest flight — though this was purely thanks to its choice of routing.


Air India Now Holds The “World’s Longest Nonstop Flight” Title After Flying Over Pacific Ocean Uninterrupted

It altered the direction of travel from crossing to the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is now considered as the “World’s Longest Nonstop Flight” covering 15,300 kilometers in 14.5 hours which is nearly 1,400km longer than the Atlantic direction.


A380 Plane Touches Down In New Zealand: Inside The 'Luxurious Hotel In A Plane’ From Emirates

Emirates' A380 is a luxurious hotel inside a superjumbo aircraft. It definitely provides more than just a comfortable and safe trip to one's destination to New Zealand, the plane ride experience will probably be one of the highlights of the passenger's trip itself.


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