July 20, 2024 9:02 PM


AfrikaBurn: A Southern African Escapade

The otherworldly landscape and the ephemeral art make for a soul-searching experience. There’s a belief in the human spirit that’s alive and well at AfrikaBurn.


5 Things You Should Know before Traveling to Morocco

Before you start packing your bags, booking your camel rides and exchanging your money to Moroccan dirhams, take note of these 5 important tips from travelers who have gone and seen this beautiful, yet mysterious country.


Oh, The Places You Should Go: 10 Exciting Spots You Should Be Going

Every place you will go to will offer a unique experience and cultural differences. You should take advantage of them, because when will you have another opportunity to experience another culture. And isn't that part of the point of travelling, to gather a deeper understanding an appreciation of another's culture and way of life. Also, some of these activities and places are just plain fun, awe inspiring, or breathtaking. So, why not?


Ebola Out Of Control [PHOTOS + VIDEO]: West Africa Devastated, Highest Death Toll Reaches 330 People, WHO Criticized

Ebola out of control in West Africa continues to make headlines as death toll reaches 330, the highest since Ebola outbreak in 1976 with 280 deaths. Ebola out of control in West Africa becomes more and more apparent with medics saying that the 'Ebola virus is totally out of control' and they are losing the fight against the disease. According to a senior medic, doctors are now stretched to their limits attempting to control the situation and stop Ebola out of control.


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