Singapore budget travel may be hard to come by nowadays. The city is considered one of the world's wealthiest, and the Economist Intelligence Unit most recently named it the world's most expensive city to live in. With that, not only Singapore budget travel hard to do, but it may just be downright impossible.

There's no need to fret however. For travelers who want a piece of Singapore budget travel, it is possible. As they say, if there's a will, there's a way.

According to Budget Hotels, there are a host of options in Singapore which a traveler can look to without shelling out cash way too much. The website details how one can travel on a budget - from low-cost carriers to value-for-money budget hotels and countless eating, sightseeing and shopping options.

Singapore budget travel is not impossible anymore with these travel tips from Budget Hotels.

1. SINGAPORE BUDGET TRAVEL TIP 1: Choose a low-cost carrier. Take the MRT to travel the city.

There are a host of low-cost carrier options in order to travel to Singapore. These include AirAsia, Lion Air, Tiger Airways and Indigo fly. Subscribe to these carriers' email updates and be able to keep tab on their latest flight sales and promos. According to Budget Hotels, a passenger can fly for as low as $1 + taxes to the little red dot.

Upon arriving at Changi Airport in Singapore, make like the locals and hop on to the Singapore MRT at Terminal 2 or 3 and get to city center in 30 minutes for just under $2. Forget taking cabs as these can cause a lot of money.

2. SINGAPORE BUDGET TRAVEL TIP 2: Don't compromise when choosing a hotel or hostel.

In order to find a cheap hotel in Singapore, you can check out this article by Budget Hotels - 7 Tips to Find a Cheap Hotel in Singapore.

To find a budget-friendly accommodation in Singapore, start with the location. Bugis is recommended for first-timers. The street has a wide array of budget hotels, diverse shopping and F&B options, not to mention proximity to everything a traveler would want to see and experience during his or her first time in the lion city.

Another tip is to travel during off peak season. Budget hotels in Singapore usually have  promotions and deals  that'll make your stay still enjoyable at friendly prices.

3. SINGAPORE BUDGET TRAVEL TIP 3: Shop smart. Think bargain.

Orchard Road is said to be the shopping capital in Singapore. The street has Singapore's most hip malls. But if you want to shop to your heart's content without sacrificing too much of your budget, there's also a bargain haven in the city.

Visit Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale in summer because you'll find every store in every mall with massive discounts. Then there's Bugis Street - again. It is Singapore's largest street shopping district where you can hunt for bargains on anything you can think of - from bags and shoes to odd souvenirs.

For gadget lovers, Budget Hotels suggest going to Sim Lim Square and the 24/7 Mustafa Center in Little India.

4. SINGAPORE BUDGET TRAVEL TIP 4: Fill your stomach with food on a budget.

Though considered the richest city in the world, Singapore still has budget-friendly options when it comes to satisfying culinary indulgence.

There are reportedly Hawker centers, coffeshops and food courts, located normally in the basement of malls, which offer local Singaporean cuisine for as little as $2. There's also Arab Street and Little India to indulge in curry and hummus cravings. These tend to cost only $8-$10. For a little over your budget, try one of Singapore's upcoming trendy cafes, especially in Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru.

When it comes to water, carry a water bottle instead as all of Singapore's tap water is purified for drinking.


5. SINGAPORE BUDGET TRAVEL TIP 5: Enjoy free activities.

This may seem totally impossible, but it's not. The extravagant city still has free things to offer. There's cultural sightseeing, romantic hideouts, delicious food and of course, stunning panoramas.

The MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a good place for a free tree top walk. You can also catch a view of the entire city or watch impressive fireworks from the rooftop of the Esplanade. Get a free shuttle to Sentosa for a beach day, and at the end of the day, you can dance the night away at a hip club in Singapore without taking out your wallet.

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Singapore budget travel doesn't necessarily have to be a hard thing to come by. It just takes research, passion for travel and a will to save.