A Delta Air Lines flight was forced to land in a remote area due to a bomb threat note that was found on board. Authorities forced the plane to to a remote part of Denver International Airport after it landed on Friday.

Police and fire crews met Flight 1500 from Detroit to Denver after it landed and taxied to a remote area at the airport on Friday afternoon, 9News reports.

According to Delta spokeswoman Julie Smith, the flight had a potential security threat while in the air, but she did not specify what the threat was. The FBI said that the threat was not credible and the actions that were taken were out of precaution.

"We currently do not believe a creditable threat existed to the flight. Out of an abundance of caution security protocols were implemented and safety measures were closely followed," FBI spokesperson Dave Joly told 9 News.

Some reports claimed that  a flight attendant had found a hand-written note that discusses a bomb on it.

There were 151 passengers and six crew members on the Boeing 737.
According to Delta, the passenger were taken off the plane and were put on buses. They were then transported to another location of the airport where they were to be interviewed by FBI agents on Friday evening. The passengers were not allowed to take their belongings from the overhead bin after landing. The passengers and their luggage was screened.

About four hours after the plane landed, most of the passengers were released and were able to claim their belongings and continue on with their travels. There were no bombs found on the plane.

Some passengers claimed that the passenger on board were calm. Some officers boarded the plane with bomb dogs.

Twitter user Tone Sevy described the situation, saying, "K9 on plane, buses, checking us & personal bags. Sprayed with water before we deplaned. @Delta And TSA on it. Crazy situation."

The FBI is continuing to investigate where the note came from.