Traveling for the Passover 2014 holiday? The TSA has some tips. The Transportation Security Administration released specific rules for  Jewish passengers traveling during Passover, including what to do with Matzoh.

"As the Jewish holiday of Passover approaches, TSA anticipates an increase in the volume of individuals traveling. This year, Passover will begin on Monday, April 14, at sundown and will end on April 22, 2014 at nightfall, with heaviest travel occurring the week prior to, during, and the week following the holiday. Our workforce is aware of the unique items carried by individuals and religious practices individuals may engage in while traveling," a TSA alert read.

The TSA said they are aware that some Jewish travelers may be wearing head covering sor participating in prayers as they travel. "This may include reading of religious text or participating in prayer rituals. Observant travelers may be wearing a head covering, prayer shawl, and phylacteries -- in Hebrew, kippah, tallit, and tefillin," the alert said.

While the TSA didn't say matzoh, the traditional unleavened bread, is prohibited, they advised that it might not fare so well during travel and it may require extra inspection. To help prevent this, the TSA will use hand searches of matzoh packages upon request.

"Some travelers will be carrying boxes of matzoh, which are consumed as part of the Passover ritual. Matzoh can be machine or handmade and are typically very thin and fragile, and break easily. Passengers traveling with religious items, including handmade matzoh, may request a hand inspection by the TSA of the items at the security checkpoint," the announcement said.