Summer Travel makes for busy tourist spots. People are preoccupied making their travel plans for that much-awaited break from the usual monotony of the workplace. Though that summer travel vacation has been long yearned for, the stifling heat that one can experience during the seasom can make a traveller think twice about his or her summer trip, especially in the city where the heat is so much more felt.

But don't distress, for here are Fagabond's summer travel survival tips to make your summer trip in the city as enjoyable as ever.

Tip 1: Go For Rooftop Bars

This may sound surprising, but going for a cocktail on the rooftop is one of the most popular activities during summer travels. This is because while you are sipping your beverage, the view on a rooftop will be totally Instagram-worthy. Go for a rooftop bar once you get to the U.S. and you'll totally enjoy taking pictures that people will love on IG.

Suggested Places With Rooftop Bars:

1.     Nellie's Sports Bar,  Washington, D.C.

2.   P.O.V. Rooftop Lounge and Terrace, W Hotel


Tip 2: Dine Alfresco Style

Alfresco dining doesn't really matter whatever level you're on. Even if you're not at the highest floor of a hotel and you're booked at a nice place on ground level, outdoor dining is best when it's later than earlier. The later you dine, the cooler the atmosphere is for your night time dining experience during your summer travel. Opt for alfresco dining the next time you're in a U.S. City and revel in the fresh air and fine food.

Suggested Places With Alfresco Dining:

1.      Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

2.      Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford California

Tip 3: Visit An Air-Conditioned Museum

If you want to re-visit history, find a different fact and artifact to ponder on after every step, and cool off all at the same time, then taking a break inside a nice museum is for you. Museums typically keep their air conditioning working full force all day. Before leaving for your summer travel trip, try finding low-cost museums in or near your destination so you can pop for cooling and some revisiting of history when needed.

Suggested Museums:

1.      Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

2.      Brooklyn Museum, New York City


Tip 4: Opt Going To Dance Parties

Don't be afraid to sweat it at a dance party even though you're on summer travel. Some parties have themes and they happen in changing venues. Some even take the parties outside and feature high-profile DJs. Not only will you enjoy that blasting party, but the fun will make you forget the heat of the season.

Suggested Party Places:

1.   Ritz Bar & Lounge, New York City - #RockTheBoat, Fridays,

2.   Miami Beach, Mansion

Tip 5: Go For A Dip At The Nearest Body of Water

It's not really summer travel when you haven't gone to the beach, or at least went for a dip at some form of swimmable body of water where you can don your latest swimwear. Some cities are lucky to have that. City travellers can get their fix of metropolitan air whilst enjoying a refreshing dip in the nearest pool. If you want to enjoy best a U.S. city in the summer, try to find some place near a beach or at least a local pool.

Suggested Places With Bodies Of Water:

1.      Hippie Hallow Park, Lake Travis, Austin

2.     Miami Beach, Florida

3.      Honolulu, Hawaii


Now that you know these summer travel tips for the city traveller, you know that you don't always have to see the beach to enjoy the summer. You can be more vigilant in finding activities and places in the city where it's totally cool (literally and figuratively), to hang out.