A Salvation Army shop in Franklin got a surprising donation, but it may all go up in a purple haze for the donator...

Sugarcreek, PA police said they were called to the store where they were confronted by a bag of marijuana among some of the donated clothes. They say they highly suspect the owner has noticed by now because the bag contained a "substantial quantity" of weed.

Police are now working with store employees to try and track down the owner of the donation and when they were donated, as the drugs were found earlier this week. 

It isn't unusual for misplaced items to arrive in donation bags with clothes, with employees finding items like money, plastic diapers, Viagra, syringes, many vibrators and dildos, and even bags of clothes mixed with moist *ahem* business.

A source shared their memories of working at Goodwill during highschool:

"We've had everything you can think of and probably a lot of things you haven't.  We once got a bag with a live grenade in it, so we had to call the bomb squad in and evacuate the whole store and businesses around us.  They put it in a can to detonate it, but we don't know if it did or not.  We've also had a Chanel bag that was stuffed full of condoms, a bag of blood, a jar of someone's ashes and a dildo that had been cut into a shank."