A Coral Springs teacher is facing battery charges for allegedly making a young boy clean out a urinal with his bare hands. 

Jennifer King Forshey, 58, is accused of ordering the 10-year-old boy to remove wet paper towels from a urinal in the boy's bathroom at Broward Community Charter School on February 6th, police reports say. 

Forshey was arrested on Wednesday and charged with battery on a child for exposing him directly to urine. 

The boy told investigators that the paper towels were soaked with someone else's urine so he tried to use dry paper towels to pick them up, but the urine seeped through to his hands.  His hands smelled of urine and there was no soap in the restroom, so he went to the dean's office to ask for some, the report said.  

Another teacher said he witnessed Forshey telling the boy to just rinse his hands in the sink. 

When questioned, Forshey admitted to telling the boy to "clean the paper towels out" of the urinal without providing him with gloves or anything to prevent contact with the urine.  Forshey said she saw nothing wrong with what she had asked of the boy until she was taken in by police.