Lost luggage is the biggest frustration any traveler can suffer. A new service company called Blue Ribbon Bags, is going to offer $1000 for lost luggage on flights to Israel. For a small fee of $5 per passenger, the company offers $1,000 for each lost piece of luggage if not returned within four days, despite the contents. Also, no proof of what is in the bag is needed to receive payment.

According to their website, you must simply file a claim with the airport before reporting the lost bag to Blue Ribbon and baggage protection must be purchased prior to your departing flight to Israel. 

Coverage extends up to $2,000 dollars with a service fee increase to only $10.

According to haaretz.com, company CEO Gabriel Menkin stated at the opening of the 20th International Mediterranean Tourism Market Trade Show in Tel Aviv., "Our approach is to radically simplify the baggage protection process and make it a no-brainer for people to protect their goods," said , 

"After thoroughly testing the concept in the US and benefiting from an overwhelmingly positive response we knew we were ready to launch internationally," he added.

Why was this program chosen for flights to Israel?  "Israelis are among the most active and enterprising travelers on the international scene."  

Only time will tell if the program will be a success although the reception already has overwhelming acceptance for American travelers.