I've recently discovered this amazing website that lets you explore a spooky abandoned Japanese Island without leaving your house.

The project, made by designer Bryan James, who works at a Leed-based agency in the UK, has effectively created an eerie, dreamlike world using atmospheric music and the Google Maps app.  Hashima Island was populated from 1887 to 1974 and was primarily a coal-mining facility.  The island features an undisturbed dock and apartments buildings, making exploring Hashima Island an experience like the popular games franchise, Myst.  

The island, bought by Mitsubishi in 1890, was used to mine for coal in the sea.  In 1950, the island reached its peak population of 5,259 people, but when petroleum started to replace coal in the 1960s, the island was abandoned.  Travel to Hashima was opened in 2009, where a small amount of the island was opened to the public.  To open the whole island would cost too much money, both in fixing and maintenance.  Currently, the only way to explore the whole island is through this website.  The transit system through the island was by a series of stairways which ran between the buildings like a rabbit warren; ruined shrines stand where coal mine workers would once pray for safety before venturing down the mines, risking their lives.  

Many fatalities were caused due to accidents in the mines on Hashima Island, and locals are very superstitious about vengeful spirits still haunting the island, confused and sorrowful over their abandonment.  

The atmospheric music used in the site gives off an eerie, Silent Hill style vibe and is surprisingly immerse and tense, with interesting facts dispersed along the way about the many surprises and secrets the island holds since it was abandoned many years ago.

You can find the tour on  https://hashima-island.co.uk/ 

Were you spooked?

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