If you're looking for a place to go vintage clothes shopping, then Amsterdam is a haven.  Here are the Top 5 coolest places to pick up a gorgeous new vintage outfit in Amsterdam.  

I heard the sad news recently that my favourite vintage store in Amsterdam, Lady Day in the Nine Streets, has now closed, but it did inspire me to write this list of alternatives.

Laura Dols (also in the Nine Streets shopping district: Wolvenstraat 7) 

Laura Dols is famous for their beauttiful eveningwear, for men and women, and their vintage bridalwear.  This is the shop to go to for a unique occasion dress.  Laura Dols also stocks a good selection of casual wear, as well as beautiful accessories such as fur stoles and pearl necklaces.  

Neef en Nicht (Rozengracht 31) 

'Niece and Nephew' in Dutch, this cute little store is a strange combination of vintage homeware, plants and vintage clothing.  Amsterdam always finds a way to surprise and this store is no exception.  When I was last in here, there were vintage Ralph Lauren and Gucci clothing on the racks for very resonable prices.  It's a store you have to spend a lot of time in to look at everything, but if you're after something other than vintage homeware or an exotic orchid or two, this is ideal. Prices run at about 50 euro for good stuff. 

Out Of The Closet (Jodenbreestraat 158)

A huge elegant vintage store with a charitable purpose.  The store is run by AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  The store depends on free donations and the choice is huge.  Almost all the money they raise enbales them to run a free AIDS testing centre from within the store and AIDS counselling services.  The staff are very upbeat, friendly and willing to help with any queries you might have. 

I Love Vintage (Prinsengracht 201) 

You can lose hours of your life in this store, so maybe choose a day when you're not planning much else! This store caters to popular 20s-50s vintage dresses, accessories and jewellery as well as new retro-style clothing for people who can't handle wear dead people's clothes.  There are always some exquisite dresses in here. The good news is that they also have an online store so you can buy without having to go to Amsterdam.  Prayers. Answered.  Prices range from about 20-180 euros.  

Albert Cuyp Market  (De Pijp District, Mon-Sat)

Supposedly the largest street market in the Netherlands, this is like someone's transplanted New York's Lower East and dumped it in the middle of the 'dam.  The market sells traditional dutch food, as well as toileeries, shoes, accessories and clothing.  A lot of the stalls lead into the shops behind, so this really is a huge and exciting place to explore.  You're always guaranteed to find a cute, unique item here, as well as the fact that you get a chance to experience some real Dutch culture.