The past 10 years have seen a wealth of innovations in the world of travel, but the next ten years looks set to smash that in terms of innovation.

In terms of technology, the everyday was probably unthinkable to most people. Flight delayed at the airport? No problem! Just boot up your Ipad and catch up on your Doctor Who. And now, with that same Ipad, and a download from Tourcaster , you're able to take virtual audio tours of places in over 30 countries. Word is, with video incorporated into these kinds of tours in the next couple of years, you won't even need to leave the house to travel anywhere. Similarly, this kind of technonlogy is already being used in Berlin as a VR tour of a ressurected">Berlin Wall .

Experts say the keyword in the next decade of travel innovation will be 'Globalisation'. This will mean making booking systems more streamlined and trying to cut flight times at least in half by using supersonic technology. Solar-power is also being looked into as a sustainable fuel source for planes. Gatwick airport are currently implementing a self-service bag system which services all airlines, which should come as a relief to all of us who have had to wait in huge lines, with rude desk staff, with processing times of only 45-50 seconds per passenger. Biometrics will also come into play in the next decade, where passengers will be able to check-in from home on their smart-phones through the reading of their irises.

AirAsia are implementing what short-haul passengers have been asking for; entertainment on short-

haul flights. They'd like to start with on-board wi-fi with a streaming service, but where could this take us? Perhaps video consoles on long-haul flights? Wouldn't that be awesome?