Traveling by flight is always a delightful experience when you get your airfare ticket at a really good price. For regular travelers, securing a ticket at a cheap expense is the best way to start a journey. However, for starters, this is always a tricky experience.

Here are some tips on the best time for one to buy airline tickets as well as the best day or season to travel to increase one's chances of landing a good deal:

Buy your tickets ahead of time: The best time to do this is at least a few weeks prior to one's projected travel date. Last minute scrambling for airfare tickets is rarely a good idea. CheapAir says the best time to make a domestic ticket purchase is 79 days, or seven weeks in advance. For international trips on the other hand, CheapAir maintains that 81 days is the best time to do it adding that deals for this flight are usually available 11 to 12 weeks in advance, Meanwhile, Kayak says 21 days is the best time to buy tickets for domestic flights and 34 days in advance for international ones.

Follow the airlines and hotels on social media: This means that if one is planning to make a trip, one should follow the airlines and hotels he is considering for his journey. In so doing, one can get updates on sales or discounted deals. Airlines and hotels more often than not post flash deals and promotion on their sites, and since modern-day sites are connected to social media, then one can easily get notifications whenever such airlines and hotels have something new to offer. JetBlue has had a very good promotion in the past where cross-country flights were priced at less than $100. The only tricky part on this on is that flights are generally available during limited time frames and with only short notice. Hence, if a traveler follows these sites, his chances of securing a spot is higher.

Keep track of pricing fluctuations: Airfare prices vary with little or no reason. If one has already planned his journey to a specific destination, he should as much as possible try to figure out when flights are significantly cheaper.

Plan your travel date ahead for peak travel times: Flying for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas is considered the peak times for traveling. Hence, one should take note that 14 weeks in advance is the best time to land the best deals.

Don't believe the travel myths: While the concept of purchasing tickets on a Tuesday or a Wednesday has been deemed an effective one, it is actually proven to be untrue. A report published on the 'Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization has found out that weekend fares could actually be five percent cheaper. Moreover, airlines sales usually take place earlier in the week, so one should make monitoring price fluctuations a habit.

Quick but helpful travel tips:

1. Traveling off-season is the best way to get a good deal. When it's off-season, airfare is usually at its lowest.

2. Book your tickets three months in advance for summer travel. This is widely recommended for people who want to get the best fares for the summer.

3. While Sunday is the most expensive day to fly, Saturday isn't; it is even found to be the cheapest day to travel by flight.