Europe is a dream destination. Graced with a vast array of culture, history, gastronomy and the finest of experiences, it's one place that has everything for everyone.

Anyone who's traveling to Europe for the first time can easily get lost in the idea of it, which is why one needs to keep in mind a few practical tips that can make a big difference.

1. Call credit and debit companies.

There's going to be a tremendous amount of spending when traveling. This is why it's essential for first time travelers to get in touch with their credit and debit companies for them to allow foreign transactions done under your accounts.

It's also convenient to ask about the banking fees so tourists will know how to withdraw and circulate their money wisely.

2. Always transact in US dollars.

From the accommodations down to the airfares, paying up in US dollars will go a long way especially when heading to Europe.

Considering the ever-changing exchange rates, transacting in US dollars can save travelers a significant amount of money and prevent any unpleasant surprises once billing statements arrive.

3. Be aware of accommodation privileges.

Students who are traveling to Europe for the first time should get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to avail of accommodation discounts.

Moreover, those who plan on traveling backpacker style should look up Hostelling International hostels and get a membership card if staying for at least 6 nights. This will entitle travelers to money-saving privileges.

4. Download helpful apps.

First time travelers to Europe should consider their smart phones and tablets as their trusty companion. There are apps that will help tourists be guided accordingly, from booking the best deals to finding the best sights to see and things to do in the continent.

Consider downloading Trip It or Smart Traveler for starters.

5. Be aware of tourists scams rampant in Europe.

It always pays to know what one is getting into. In a place like Europe where it is swamped by tourists everyday, scams are expected to also flourish.

Research on the latest tourist scams occurring in the continent and know that vigilance and awareness is two of the best things to have especially when traveling for the first time.