Beyond the Eiffel Tower, Pantheon, Berlin Wall, Colosseum and the Alps, Europe has so much more to offer travelers on their next trip back. Those looking for more unusual, less popular and offbeat things to do and sights to see won't be left high and dry in this continent.

If Europe next year is part of the plan, then consider these offbeat travel ideas to make the trip extra special and unforgettable.

1. Visit the longest wooden pier in Europe.

Instead of the usual trips and tours to populated tourist spots, heading to Sopot, Poland for genuine peace and relaxation is one of a traveler's best bets.

Quiet, seaside and bathed in art nouveau townhouses, Sopot boasts of the longest wooden pier in Europe, adorned with panoramic views of the city, scenic areas where water taxis are parked and a few sporting events to enjoy.

2. Feast on an Obama Pasticciotto in Italy's Heel

A peninsula in Italy's heel called Salento is an off-the-radar spot in the country that offbeat travelers should consider visiting. Apart from having a delicious gooey and chocolatey desert named after the US preseident, the peninsula also boasts of beautiful beaches, baroque architecture and the finest foods and wine.

It is practically living the Italian dream.

3. Spend Christmas in Colmar, France.

Anyone who visits Colmar would need to pinch himself to make sure they're not living in a fairytale dream. A picturesque 1000-year old capital mixed with the French and Bavarian architecture, the timbered, colorful houses here are too good to be true.

During Christmas, the entire capital transforms into a Yuletide wonderland, where markets are bountiful and the people are joyous.

4. Experience medieval in Alicante, Spain.

Medieval architecture is one that is closely fading into history but Alicante, Spain is doing its best to preserve such architectural milestone.

The old town's history dates back to over 3,000 years ago and is home to Santa Barbara Castle, one of Spain's oldest medieval fortress situated on Mt. Benacantil.

Europe isn't all about the most popular tourist attractions and activities. There's so much more to see and do here that travelers will love as well.