Known as the carefree city and one of the world's cultural capitals, Berlin is everything one wants on a plate. A place brimming with art, history and diversity, Berlin offers everything to just about anyone.

Like any city in the world, travelers will have a better time exploring Berlin if they knew a few helpful things just before they fly in. Here are some of the things tourists need to know before visiting Berlin.

1. Berlin is a huge city.

To give travelers a better picture as to just how big Berlin is, it is nine times the size of Paris, with over 3.4 million people living there, making it European Union's second most populated city.

Tourists are advised to bring their most reliable pair of walking shoes and to be ready for a lot of exploring. Considering the amount of diversity that emerged after the Berlin wall was taken down, it's just like being in two places at once.

2. Berlin chooses cash over credit cards.

Much to many people's surprise, Berlin isn't big on credit cards. Travelers should opt for cash as there are only few restaurants, grocery stores and department stores will accept their card. An additional tip is to withdraw from ATM's than bring traveler's checks.

3. Berlin is a bargain for budget travelers.

Compared to London and Paris, Berlin charges half the price for just about anything. It's ideal for budget travelers who want to maximize their vacation but at the same time, only spend reasonably.

Many of the city's top tourist attractions are free of charge and hotels are affordable. Beer from a convenience store is under one euro and a bottle of wine would only set tourists back under 5 euros.

If tourists are looking to eat cheap as well, there are loads of local fast food places and neighborhood markets offering an authentic German food experience at cheap prices.

4. Touring is better on weekdays, not weekends.

Most businesses are closed on Sundays and close early on Saturdays. While tourists may opt for weekend vacations, it's best to reconsider going for them on weekdays to maximize one's trip.