Before the fun in even begins, travelers face daunting task: packing. While many may think it's as easy as putting everything one "needs", packing is practically a serious business.

Being on a Eurotrip means moving from one place to the next with a constant luggage being carried around. To make things easier and make the trip nothing but fun, here are the best traveler tips in lightening one's load.

1. Start with a list of necessary things to bring.

A common mistake among travelers is upon making a list, most of the things that made it there are not really necessary.

Take for example excessive pairs of shoes. It's enough to have even just one comfortable pair of walking/running shoes but if a business trip is involved, then bringing one more pair would suffice.

Travelers on a quest to pack light should realize it's not enough to ask oneself "Do I need these?". Instead ask, "Do I need these enough?"

2. Choose layers over a heavy coat.

It can get quite cold in Europe and it bringing a heavy coat could also be the biggest misstep a traveler can take.

Practice layering clothes instead of bringing a heavy coat that will take too much room and make the luggage unnecessarily heavier than it should be. An extra tip here is to wear one's heaviest item (if the heavy coat can't be left behind).

3. Invest on items that would help lighten the load.

Neatly folding (or rolling) clothes is a good thing but investing on packing cubes, folding boards, airless baggies and a clothes compressor is far better.

These items allow travelers to make more room in the baggage so they can put more instead of just clothes taking up all the space.

4. Bring versatile accessories.

Travelers, especially most women want to be stylish during their travel, which they can't be blame for especially if they're traveling to one of the world's fashion capitals.

Bringing versatile accessories makes it more convenient to mix and match without bringing too many things that could clog up the luggage space.

5. Pack ahead of time.

It's practically a cardinal rule to pack ahead of time so travelers don't rush in and just cram what they can find into their baggage, with the risk of either overweight luggage or forgetting too many things.