It's almost 2014 and New Year's resolutions are brewing everywhere. Among all these resolutions, the need to travel more comes into mind.

There's so much to see in the world but if there's one place people need to put in their priority list- it's Iceland. While many may think that the scenic shots from box office hits Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness and Oblivion are as perfect as a studio shot, it's as real as Iceland's beauty is.

Beyond the astounding glaciers, forests, mountains and fields, here are more reasons why Iceland should be your #1 destination next year- and the years after that.

1. It's only 5 hours away from New York, Boston & Washington.

Considering how ethereal Iceland looks, tourists most of the time think that it's near the edge of the Earth. Contrary to popular belief, it's a mere 5-hour direct flight from NYC, Washington and Boston via Icelandair.

Apart from the short travel time, the airline allows their passengers to make a stop at Iceland for no extra cost if they are headed to major cities of Europe like Milan, London, Paris, Copenhagen and Madrid.

2. Drinkers get to experience a unique kind of pub crawl.

Reykjavik's runtur otherwise known as a pub crawl is a popular leisure activity that gets the alcohol drinkers going. The tour takes place most usually on Fridays, wherein the bars are open until 4 AM and tourists get a taste of how it's like to drink Icelandic style.

Since beer wasn't legalized in the country up until 1989, guests are expected to have a crazy night out. Pre-drinking at home is highly suggested, as it can get quite expensive.

3. Iceland is a literary dream come true.

Statistics show that 1 in out of 10 people is bound to successfully publish a book in his/her lifetime plus Iceland has a 100% literary rate. For tourists who are a big literature junkie, it's one place where you will find a book in every single corner. Moreover, it's a UNESCO City of Literature, which means conversations in this country are a literary dream come true.

Whether it's a cultural, culinary or an adventure trip, Iceland offers everything for everyone. Start the year right and make it your ultimate destination.