The Christmas tree is up, gifts are piling underneath it, socks are already hung and carolers are filling up the streets. This pretty much sums up what everyone knows about the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, maybe not everyone.

If there are unusual ways Christmas is being celebrated around the world, Europe is definitely among the top of the list. While the holiday spirit is everywhere, get to know some quirky ways Europeans experience the Yuletide season.

1. Czech Republic

Christmas can sometimes give people the blues. But if you're a single woman on Christmas Eve in Czech Republic, then a spark of hope may just be around the corner.

What the unmarried women of Czech Repbulic does is to stand with their back to the door and toss a shoe over their shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toe facing the door, then congratulations to them! They're getting married next year.

2. Norway

Halloween and Christmas tell entirely two different stories. Norway on the other hand, begs to differ

Once Christmas Eve comes, all brooms should be kept and hidden so witches can't get them and take a free ride off their trusty cleaning buddy. While the women keep the brooms safe before bedtime, the men head out and open fire into the air to warn spirits not to mess with their Christmas.

3. Great Britain

Pudding is second language to Brits during the holiday season. Maybe the reason why it tastes extra delicious this time of the year is because of the magic behind making it.

Tradition tells that when they make pudding in Great Britain, they make a wish while mixing all the ingredients together- in a clockwise direction. If done otherwise, their wishes won't come true.

4. Ukraine

While the rest of the world is used to adorning the house with garlands, shiny balls or lights, Ukraine opts for spider webs.

Stories have it that a poor mother couldn't afford to buy Christmas decorations that she decided to use spider webs to cover their Christmas tree. She, along with her children woke up on Christmas day to find the webs turning into gold and silver. In other words, spider webs are believed to bring luck.

5. Germany

Instead of topping a tree off with a star or an angel, Germans are inclined to put a pickle ornament on top of theirs, as it signifies luck. Other than that, it's also hidden away during Christmas morning and whoever finds it in the household will earn an extra present.

Such fascinating traditions only add up to the what Christmas is all about: colorful, exciting and celebrated in one's own wonderful way.