Want to sleep under the sea? A new underwater hotel found off of a remote African island offers just that.  The floating hotel, located off Pemba Island near Tanzania, is a first for Africa.

The Manta Resort's 17th room is about 790 feet offshore and is about 40 feet deep. The room, located in the Blue Hole, is surrounded by large coral heads, CNN reports.

The Manta Resort blog describes the underwater room by saying "Imagine yourself encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swimming lazily by - sometimes in three or four layers of different species above the reef floor. This is the heart-stopping experience that awaits you in the underwater room."

For photos, check out the New York Daily News.

The three-level floating structure includes a lounge and bathroom at sea level. There is also a ladder that does to the roof, which features a lounge are which is perfect for stargazing.

Under the structure is a room with a double bed. It is surrounded by glass, making it a perfect spot to watch reef fish without getting wet. When the sun goes down, uplights near the windows attract creatures like squid. Coral is already starting to latch on to the anchoring lines of the structure.

The new hotel room opened for business this month. It is designed by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels. Genberg also created The Utter Inn, another underwater hotel in the middle of a Swedish lake.

The Manta Resort is a popular spot for divers due to the coral reef that surrounds the island. Pemba Island is a remote location that hasn't been turned into a major tourist spot yet. Pemba Island is mostly accessed by chartered flights from Zanzibar.

The Underwater Room of The Manta Resort goes for $1,500 per night for a two-person stay and $900 per night for singles. Reservations can be made by emailing sales@themantaresort.com or calling +255 776 718 852