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Costa Concordia: Even More Human Remains Found Among Wreckage

Travelers Today       By    Katie McFadden

Updated: Oct 03, 2013 03:37 PM EDT

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Even more human remains may have been uncovered in the Costa Concordia wreckage. Divers found what is believed to be more human remains, just a week after other remains were found.

The head of Italy's civil protection said more remains were found which may belong to thr last two missing victims of the January 2012 disaster in which 32 people were killed when the ship capsized off the coast of Italy.

"Other remains have also been found and are currently undergoing DNA tests," the agency's chief Franco Gabrielli said according to the Toronto Sun. "We are waiting for the results of the analysis," he said.

This discovery was made after the ship was righted two weeks ago. The ship had been lying on its side since it crashed in January 2012.  The missing people included Russel Rebello of India and Maria Grazia Trecarichi of Sicily. Their bodies were never recovered. They were thought to be trapped under or inside the boat.

Rebello was a waiter on the ship. He was seen trying to help passengers get off among the chaos. Trecarichi was celebrating her 50th birthday on the cruise. She was with her 17-year-old daughter who survived.

The ship struck rocks off the coast after captain Franceso Schettino had the boat veer four miles off course to salute a former captain. Schettino now faces manslaughter charges as well as charges of causing a maritime disaster and abandoning ship with passengers still on board. His trial began in March. The trial is expected to last into the fall.

Schettino claims that he is a hero that saved the lives of more than 4,000 people and he is not responsible for the death of the 32. The defense is trying to claim that the watertight doors of the ship did not work, which is why they said it sank.

The ship was turned upright after laying in the water for 20 months.

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