Carnivals new cruise ship, will be named Carnival Vista.  USA Today reported that the 4,000 passenger vessel will debut in 2016.

Carnival CMO Jim Berra said that it will be "extremely connected to the ocean."

"A lot of what we are thinking about for the design and the inspiration (for Carnival Vista) is the views out to the ocean," Berra added. "At the end of the day, that is why people are cruising. They want the salt air. They want the ocean breeze. They want to look out and see the ocean."

The new ship will be similar to Carnival Breeze. CEO Gerry Cahill said, "It will look different than Breeze, and it'll have spaces that are different than Breeze," Cahill said. "But it will have a lot of the same spaces (as Breeze)."

Recently, Carnival announced that they would be cutting back their trips to Europe in 2014.

Carnival has announced that in 2014 they are canceling Europe trips citing expensive flights.

"We anticipate that airfares to Europe will remain high, and we believe our North American passengers will continue to prefer more affordable vacation options closer to home as we move into next year," Carnival said in a statement sent to USA Today. "Therefore we have decided to keep ships in North America during this period rather than place capacity in Europe in 2014."

USA Today reported that the majority of Carnival customers are from North America and airfares to Europe could reach an excess of $1,000 this summer to reach the ship's lines in Europe.

"Carnival has two of its 24 ships in Europe this summer. The 2,124-passenger Carnival Legend is sailing from Dover, England and Barcelona, Spain through September, while the 3,006-passenger Carnival Sunshine is sailing out of Barcelona and Venice, Italy through October," reported USA Today.