A cow fell on a man after falling through a roof. The incident later killed the man.

The one-ton animal was grazing on a hill behind the small house, in the town of Caratinga in south-eastern Brazil, when it continued to walk onto the asbestos roof on Wednesday. The roof wasn't strong enough to support the weight of the animal and it collapsed, the BBC reports.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, was in bed when the heavy cow fell right on top of him.  The cow narrowly missed his wife. The man didn't die right away. He was taken to a hospital and later died due to internal bleeding. He was conscious and seemed to be in good condition, but some relatives said he died because he had to wait too long to be seen by a doctor.

While it may sound strange for a cow to fall through a roof, this isn't the first time that it has happened. The BBC reports that this is the third incident in the area in the past three years. No one died in the previous incidents.

In the first incident, no one was inside the house when the cow fell through the roof. In the second case, the cow just missed falling on top of a baby and a small child that were sleeping. The near-miss was described as a miracle.

Caratinga is located in the hilly area of Minas, Gerais, Brazil. The state is known as a region for raising cattle and producing dairy.