Ever want to get served by robots? A restaurant in Bangkok can do just that for hungry patrons. The futuristic Japanese restaurant, Hajime Robot Restaurant, based in Thailand's booming metropolis includes robots that bring food to the table and take away dishes.

Migrationology.com reported that the robots run on at rack that is inside a long glass corridor. They also do dance routines at regular intervals to entertain customers.

"Witness our new trend of Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki and Yakiniku at "Hajime" Robot Restaurant where the innovation begins," said Hajime Robot Restaurant's website. "The first in Thailand where the genius robots serve food to you without waiter/ress manpower, "Hajime" Robot Restaurant will give you the "awesome" dining experience with our real Japanese dishes of over 100 items in the menu for your choices."

Migrationology.com reported that there are two robots one resembling a female and one resembling a samurai.

The robots are unable to communicate with patrons but the atmosphere is still full of entertainment. They serve hotpots and barbeque where you can cook your own food at the table.

Migrationology.com reported that the food is Japanese style and yummy.  

"You can either choose to do individual orders or take the Shabu (boiling soup) or BBQ set (they call the sets "buffet" although the robot will serve you). Both these sets also include several Sushi dishes to be ordered. The sets are "all you can eat" and will cost you 499 Baht net per person. In my opinion it's a good deal considering the extra entertainment you have with the robots," said the website.

The robots are produced in Japan and developed by Thai engineers, says Hajime's website.

"Hajime Robots have lots of abilities such as gesture expression, dancing along the rhythm as well as serving the food. Not only its cute appearance impresses the customers, but also "Hajime" Robot's intellect does its job," adds hajimerobot.com.