Paris is saying goodbye to a famous club called Chez Michou, a place known for its fun and colorful shows. Chez Michou has been in the heart of the Montmartre area for 64 years, bringing joy and music to everyone who visited. Sadly, they had their last show on Sunday.

Paris Loses a Treasure as Chez Michou Cabaret Shuts Down

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Chez Michou Closes, Paris Mourns Loss

Chez Michou was started in 1956 by a man everyone called Michou. He was famous for wearing bright blue and for his lively drag shows. Michou ran the club until he passed away in February 2020. 

Since then, his niece, Catherine Catty-Jacquart, has been trying to keep the club going.

But keeping Chez Michou open has become too hard. According to CNN, the club has not been making enough money and can't keep up with its costs. Because of this, they have had to stop all future shows. 

Just last week, the club shared plans to be part of a pride event in August, but now those plans are canceled.

Everyone at Chez Michou is very sad about closing. They shared a message on Facebook thanking everyone who came to their last show for making it a special night. They also said that they are looking for someone to buy the club, hoping that maybe it can be saved.

As Chez Michou prepares to close, people in Paris and those who loved the club are very sad to lose such a special place. The club was more than just a place to watch shows-it was a big part of the community in Montmartre.

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Chez Michou Founder Leaves Legacy

Michou, the man who started the famous Chez Michou cabaret in Paris, passed away last in 2020 at 88 years old. He died from a lung problem in a hospital near Paris. Michou had been sick for a while, previously dealing with colon cancer.

Michou opened Chez Michou back in 1956. He set it up at the bottom of Montmartre, a part of Paris known for its connection to famous artists like Picasso. He turned a little café into Chez Michou, quickly making it a popular place for unique shows where performers dressed up as famous women singers and actresses. 

Michou was known for always wearing blue and for his big, welcoming smile. He became a well-known figure all over France.

As per The New York Times, Chez Michou was one of the first places in Paris where people could enjoy these kinds of drag shows, which were both fun and supportive of being yourself. 

The cabaret wasn't just about entertainment. It was a place that brought people together and made everyone feel welcome, including local older people who Michou often hosted for free meals.

Michou's legacy lives on through Chez Michou, a place that continues to be a symbol of joy and acceptance in Paris. His work shows how one person's idea can turn a simple café into a legendary spot that brings happiness and community to a city.

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