The visa policy of Switzerland took its turn, but even bigger steps have been made for 2026. Switzerland is preparing to modify the existing regulations concerning people's entry into the country. 

These updates are in a more extensive plan covering almost all of Europe, often referred to as the Schengen Agreement.

Major Changes to Switzerland's Visa System Coming in 2026

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Switzerland Visa Changes Enhance Border Safety

The Department of Justice and Police of Switzerland added that with these changes, they require support concerning visa policies and the security of the borders. 

Schengen News reported that they plan to utilize the Central Visa Information System (C-VIS) further, a large database containing every visa's details.

This system assists officials in verifying whether whoever is required to have a visa has the appropriate documentation to travel or work in Switzerland. 

The new rules shall also assist in combating terrorism since they enable Switzerland to exchange crucial visa collections with other countries and global organizations.

There are many changes, but one of the most significant and shocking ones will be that children applying for a short-term visa must give fingerprints starting at six. Currently, only kids aged 12 and above have to do this. 

That is, people over 75 will be relieved of having to provide their fingerprints.

The changes outlined also allow public members to give their opinions until Oct. 17. The new system will also be linked to similar systems throughout other European countries to cross-check people's details more effectively before they can access the Schengen area.

This update is about ensuring travels to and in Switzerland are safer and more secure and responding to the ever-changing face of technology and regulation in Europe.

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Tourism Boost from Recovery Funds

In March 2020, the tourism sector of Switzerland has been receiving some support to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Switzerland provided 49 million Swiss Francs ($ 53.5 million) over three years for the relief, 9.2 million Swiss Francs provided in the year 2023, and so on.

The money has been, therefore, spent wisely. Thus, to mark sustainable tourism, about 42% of the 2023 budget was utilized, beginning with the "Swisstainable" logo launched in 2021, according to

The other one-third supported advertisements of Switzerland in close areas. Some funds also went into massive advertising crusades with celebrities such as Roger Federer.

As a result, there was an appreciable change in Switzerland's tourism fabric, where 42 million overnight stays were registered in 2023, of which the majority were from foreigners. 

The income earned by the country's tourism body was recorded to be 102. 82 million Swiss Francs. This includes 66.31 million Swiss Francs from several contributions; the Federal Office of Public Health finances more than two-thirds.

While marketing costs were over budget at 68.22 million Swiss Francs, the total expenses for the year included slightly higher staff costs of 30.34 million Swiss Francs and other miscellaneous expenses of 4.07 million Swiss Francs.

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