Etihad Airways has introduced a new online chat feature. The tool is designed to help travelers check the necessary documents they need before flying. It is available on the airline's website under the 'Get In Touch' section on the Help page.

Etihad Airways Launches Innovative Chatbot for Travel Document Checks

(Photo : Fasyah Halim on Unsplash)

Etihad Simplifies Travel with Smart Chatbot

The new system guides users through a series of questions. After that, it provides a list of required travel documents such as visas and tickets. 

John Wright, Etihad's Chief Operations and Guest Officer, emphasized the importance of this feature. He stated that it is vital for travelers to feel confident that they have all the required documents for their trips.

As per Breaking Travel News, the chat feature uses up-to-date information from IATA's Timatic solution. Timatic is known for providing reliable, real-time data on travel document requirements globally. It is a trusted resource for the travel industry and government bodies around the world.

Frederic Leger, a senior vice president at IATA, praised Etihad Airways for this initiative. He said that it not only helps travelers prepare better but also supports the move towards automating the travel experience. 

Leger expressed pride in IATA's role in supporting Etihad Airways through the Timatic AutoCheck system.

The launch of this chatbot by Etihad Airways aims to save passengers time. It eliminates the need to search the internet or call customer service centers to verify travel documentation requirements. 

This development is part of Etihad Airways' ongoing efforts to enhance its customers' travel experiences by incorporating advanced technology solutions.

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Etihad Enhances Travel with New Route

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, has launched new flights to Jaipur, India. The inaugural flight was celebrated with a special ceremony at Jaipur International Airport. 

This new service operates four times a week, directly connecting Jaipur to Abu Dhabi.

Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad Airways, expressed excitement about the new flights. He highlighted Jaipur as a key cultural and commercial hub in India. 

Neves stated that the introduction of this route is a response to the growing demand for travel from India. It provides easier access to Abu Dhabi and our wider global network. He added that the service aims to offer travelers a premium experience.

Jaipur, known for its rich history and lively culture, attracts visitors to its famous forts and palaces. 

In another report released by Breaking Travel News, travelers from northwest India can now enjoy direct access to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways' new flights. This connection opens up more frequent travel options through Etihad's extensive network.

The route also benefits travelers heading to the United States. They can utilize the US Customs and Border Protection facility at Abu Dhabi Airport, simplifying their entry into the US.

Overall, the development reflects Etihad Airways' commitment to expanding its presence in the Indian market. The airline has increased its operations in India by one-third over the last year. 

The Jaipur flights will be serviced by the Airbus A320 aircraft family, ensuring a comfortable journey in both Business and Economy classes.

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