Alaska Airlines has reached a preliminary agreement with its flight attendants' union. This announcement came on Friday. The union, which speaks for over 6,500 flight attendants, has been in talks with the airline for two years. 

Details of the deal will be polished and reviewed in the coming days before being presented to members for approval.

Alaska Airlines Secures Tentative Deal Amid Flight Attendant Push

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Alaska Airlines Deal Nears Final Review

The deal comes after a lengthy period of negotiations, marked by the union's strong push for significant pay raises. They advocated for increases between 40 percent and 56 percent, depending on the seniority of the staff. 

The exact figures included in the new agreement remain undisclosed. The union had gained substantial support, even from lawmakers, strengthening their position to negotiate effectively with Alaska Airlines.

According to The Hill, the union's efforts were supported by the National Mediation Board, ensuring fair play in negotiations. Over the next few days, both Alaska Airlines and the union will work together. 

They aim to finalize the wording of the contract. This step is crucial before the Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council (MEC) can review the agreement. After this review, the deal will be sent out for a vote by all union members.

In their announcement to the flight attendants, the union leaders highlighted the collective effort that led to this tentative agreement. They praised the persistence and solidarity shown by their members throughout the bargaining process. 

Once the contract language is finalized, roadshows are planned. These will allow union members to fully understand the new agreement before casting their votes. The union promises to release detailed information to its members at each stage, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

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Alaska Airlines Crew Sickened by Odor

An Alaska Airlines flight was canceled late Monday night after two flight attendants fell ill due to an unknown odor on the aircraft. The incident occurred during the boarding of flight ASA 828, which was scheduled to depart from Honolulu to Anchorage at 11:45 p.m.

The situation developed around 11:15 p.m. when two female crew members began to feel unwell. They were treated by Honolulu Emergency Medical Services and taken to the emergency room in serious condition, as confirmed by a spokesperson for Honolulu EMS.

Alaska Airlines stated that the likely cause of the illness was an unidentified odor in the rear of the plane, as per USA Today. The airline has reported the incident to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

According to Alaska Airlines, the ventilation systems in most airplanes do not use a filter to bring fresh air through the engines. Occasionally, toxic fumes from other parts of the aircraft can enter the main cabin. 

This can lead to air contamination, potentially causing symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, or cramping among passengers and crew.

Studies indicate that incidents involving toxic fumes on planes are relatively rare, occurring between 0.09 and 3.9 times per every 1,000 flights. This equates to roughly two to three incidents daily across the U.S. 

Flight attendants, who spend a considerable amount of time in aircraft cabins, are the most susceptible to such exposures.

The airline confirmed that the affected crew members have since been medically cleared to return to flying. Alaska Airlines emphasized its commitment to passenger and crew safety, promising thorough follow-up on the matter.

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