Summer has been waiting for you, and what better way to celebrate than by diving into the luxury of La Casa de la Playa by Hoteles Xcaret? Thanks to Costco Travel, you can now treat yourself to an extraordinary escape where every detail caters to your desire for relaxation and adventure.

La Casa de la Playa is not your average resort. It is a haven set in the stunning Riviera Maya that welcomes guests aged 16 and older. This means you are in for a calm and mature retreat. 

Here, you can indulge in unlimited gourmet meals, enjoy the best wines and premium spirits, and experience service that goes above and beyond-like 24-hour butler service and room service, all included in your stay.

Costco Travel Introduces Tailored Luxury with a Stay at La Casa de la Playa

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Exclusive Benefits from Costco Travel

When you book your getaway through Costco Travel, you get more than just a vacation. You get a full-blown luxury experience at La Casa de la Playa by Hoteles Xcaret. This resort is a finely tailored escape designed for those who love the finer things in life but also crave unique adventures.

At La Casa de la Playa, you dive into luxury from the moment you arrive. Your days can start with a sunrise swim in the 131-foot swimming lane or a coffee by one of the two exquisite pools. 

Hungry? Step into any of the four gourmet restaurants on-site for a taste of global cuisine, or visit the chocolate boutique for a sweet treat. Fancy a drink? Choose from four contemporary bars or explore the extensive collection in the wine cellar.

But there is more. Your stay includes unlimited access to adjoining properties and select nature parks. Think of spending your day zip-lining through jungles, snorkeling in natural coves, or just relaxing on a scenic beach tour-every day is a new adventure.

Costco Travel ensures you do all this while enjoying great savings and exclusive perks. With offers like $400 to $500 instant savings and a complimentary digital Costco Shop Card, your luxury vacation is not just about splurging, but also about smart saving.

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About Costco Travel

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