Just a short drive from the lively streets of Camden, Maine, you'll discover Norumbega Inn, a place that redefines the typical bed and breakfast. With its 1887 Queen Anne design, featuring stone walls and elegant black trim, this inn invites you to stay in this historical place with modern comfort.

The owners, Will Tims and Brett Haynie, have revitalized this historic mansion into a space of old-world charm and today's design needs. They have opted for a global decoration influence inspired by the original owner, an inventor who traveled extensively, instead of the common nautical theme.

So, what can you find at Norumbega Inn that you won't find anywhere else? Simply put, READ ON!

History and Modernity at Norumbega Inn

What's in Norumbega Inn that You Can't Find Anywhere Else

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When you visit the Norumbega Inn, you feel like you are between two eras. This inn isn't just an ordinary bed and breakfast. It's an 1887 Queen Anne masterpiece that owners Will Tims and Brett Haynie have skillfully updated. 

They maintained its historical beauty while infusing it with contemporary comfort and style. Their careful design leaves no corner of this majestic stone mansion untouched. Every element at Norumbega Inn has its own story, making your stay comfortable and incredibly rich in historical texture.

Design That Travels Beyond Maine

The global touches in Norumbega Inn's design reflect the worldly spirit of its original owner, Joseph Baker Stearns, an inventor and not a sea captain. This choice to escape the typical nautical theme found in many New England inns gives Norumbega a unique atmosphere. 

Here, you encounter decor and artifacts that might have been gathered from around the world, yet everything feels right at home in Maine. The design firm, studiocake, worked closely with the owners to achieve a fresh look deeply rooted in the inn's history. The result is a novel setting and perfectly integrated with its environment.

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Rooms with Character

Every room at Norumbega Inn has its own beauty, thanks to the unique design and attention to detail. The Library Suite, for example, features a secret staircase leading to a private library, complete with a stained glass rose window. 

What's in Norumbega Inn that You Can't Find Anywhere Else
(Photo : Norumbega Inn)

Another room, the Arundel, offers a deck under an ancient oak, ideal for morning relaxation. The Penthouse boasts a massive picture window where you can observe the sailboats on Penobscot Bay. No matter which room you choose, you find comfort wrapped in elegance, with each space inviting you to explore and relax in style.

More Than a Place to Stay

Norumbega Inn provides experiences that extend beyond its walls. There are expansive grounds with a bocce court and croquet, perfect for leisurely afternoons. Or you can just relax in one of the cabanas, cocktail in hand, enjoying the peaceful environment. 

Inside, you can mingle with other guests at the bar, savoring a Negroni while a piano plays in the background. The inn creates an environment that encourages relaxation and engagement, making it hard to leave.

What's in Norumbega Inn that You Can't Find Anywhere Else

(Photo : Tripadvisor)

The Perfect Base for Exploring Maine

While the Norumbega Inn is a destination in itself, it also serves as the perfect base for exploring the Mid-Coast region. Just north of Camden, with its excellent shops and restaurants, the inn is ideally situated for day trips to places like Acadia National Park. 

The local area is rich with hiking trails, boutique shopping, and fine dining. After a day of adventures, returning to the comfort and beauty of Norumbega feels like coming home to a haven of peace and luxury.

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