As the Eid Al Fitr holiday begins on April 10, many in the UAE looked forward to camping and enjoying the cooler weather. However, loud music and karaoke throughout the night have caused problems for those seeking peace in nature. 

Calls for Government Action as UAE Camping Turns Chaotic After All-Night Karaoke Sessions
Dubai, UAE
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Campers Seek Peace as Noise Disrupts UAE Holiday Getaways

One camper, who chose to stay anonymous, shared their experience on a Facebook group for UAE camping fans. They reported that a group came to Wadi Showka at 1 a.m., making a lot of noise and playing loud music. Even when asked to be quieter, the noisy group did not listen and said they were in a public place which they believed allowed them to be loud.

This behavior led to a discussion among campers about the lack of respect for quiet and the natural environment. Another camper stressed the importance of respecting nature and the desires of others to enjoy a peaceful setting.

The situation was particularly hard for a family at Al Aqqa Beach, whose young child could not sleep because of a nearby karaoke session that lasted until morning. Similarly, at Al Qudra, the end of the camping season was spoiled by loud music and littering from a new group.

These events have led to campers across the UAE asking for more control and respect at camping sites. According to The Global Filipino Magazine, they have reached out to the UAE government, hoping for actions that will protect the peace and cleanliness of these natural areas.

Campers are urging everyone to be considerate and follow basic rules of camping to ensure everyone can have a good time. The hope is that with everyone's cooperation and possible government help, camping can be enjoyable for all in the UAE.

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Eid Al Fitr Celebrations Fill the UAE with Joy and Unity

On the first day of Eid Al Fitr, thousands of Muslims across the UAE gathered for morning prayers at mosques and Eid musallahs, marking the end of Ramadan. The festive spirit was alive as people exchanged greetings and ventured into lively streets, bustling malls, and markets throughout the Emirates.

Families and friends came together to celebrate this special day. 

In Dubai, Zain Alsayed enjoyed a large family gathering in Sharjah, where relatives from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai shared a meal featuring traditional dishes like Biriyani. Similarly, Zoya Shaikh from Abu Dhabi spent the day with family visiting from the UK and India, enjoying a lighter lunch and planning to watch the Eid fireworks.

Across the UAE, hotels reported high occupancy, with many taking advantage of festive deals and culinary offerings, as reported by Khaleej Times. Shopping was also a major activity, highlighted by Dubai's Eidiya Digital Raffle, where shoppers could win big prizes.

The day was not just about food and shopping but it was also a time for unity and community. Neighbors shared meals and sweets, exemplifying the UAE's spirit of togetherness during Eid Al Fitr. However, some people celebrated the event without thinking if they disrupted others' sleep as what campers experienced.

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