If you are a waterfall junkie, Oregon is pretty much your paradise. This cozy state is home to some of the prettiest cascades in the whole country, with more than 200 different falls to check out. I am pretty sure you are going to have a tough time picking your favorites!

Think lush greenery and cool nature spots perfect for hiking, chilling with a picnic, or grabbing killer photos. These waterfalls have their own cool factor, from the thundering majesty of Multnomah Falls to the chill vibes of South Falls. If you are down for a challenging hike or just want to walk to a sweet spot for lunch with a view, Oregon's waterfalls are ready to wow you.

Check this article and discover Oregon's waterfalls, maybe, one of these days, you will be in that place!

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls, Oregon
(Photo : James Forbes on Unsplash)

When you hit up Oregon for waterfalls, Multnomah Falls is the place you can't skip. This giant is one of the tallest around and sports two massive drops that will make your camera work overtime. Kick off your visit at the lower viewing area or hike up to the Benson Bridge for an up-close peek at the upper falls. It's a popular spot, so showing up early lets you beat the crowds and catch some sweet lighting. Up for a challenge? Trek to the top for a killer view of the Columbia River Gorge-but gear up for some steep switchbacks!

Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls, Oregon
(Photo : Eric Muhr on Unsplash)

Latourell Falls throws down some serious beauty with its straight drop off a basalt cliff, making it a standout among the waterfalls in Oregon. It's an easy stroll from the lot to the lower falls, perfect if you are toting kids or just want a quick nature fix. The cliff's vibrant yellow lichens pop against the greenery, giving you some surreal snaps. Crave a bit more solitude? The trail to the upper falls is just as scenic and usually quieter. Bring your camera-this place is a looker!

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Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls, Oregon
(Photo : Haroon Ameer on Unsplash)

If you are into instant gratification, Horsetail Falls in Oregon is your spot. Park your car, step out, and bam-you're soaking in the views with hardly any effort. The waterfall's unique 'horsetail' shape makes it a cool subject for your photos, and you often get this place all to yourself. It's a perfect quick stop if you are waterfall hopping and want to squeeze in as many as possible without the trek.

South Falls

South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
(Photo : Peter Robbins on Unsplash)

Over at Silver Falls State Park, South Falls lets you do something pretty epic-walk right behind the waterfall. This Oregon gem is part of the Trail of Ten Falls, where you can hit up several gorgeous falls in one go. The path behind South Falls is an eye-opener with a 100-foot drop that you can check out from behind-a rare treat! The trails are easy to handle and the whole scene is perfect for a weekday visit to dodge the crowds. The roar of the falls? Absolutely thunderous.

North Falls

North Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
(Photo : Peter Robbins on Unsplash)

Tucked away in the quieter parts of Silver Falls State Park, North Falls might not be as famous as some Oregon heavyweights, but it sure is stunning. Like South Falls, you can sneak behind the curtain of water here too, which is always a crowd-pleaser. The path there is less traveled, offering a peaceful break from the more packed spots in the park. The lush surroundings make for a top-notch chill spot or a scenic snack break. Don't forget your camera-the view from behind the falls is a must-capture.

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