Cape Cod, this awesome stretch of land poking out into the Atlantic from southeastern Massachusetts, has really changed its vibe over the last decade. What used to be this chill and quiet spot is now the go-to summer hangout for loads of people.

Cape Cod is usually home to around 220,000 folks year-round, but when summer rolls in, boom, the numbers shoot up to about 600,000. Then winter comes along, and Cape Cod turns into this quiet spot again, mostly just retirees and a few families hanging around.

With Travelers Today, we are all about showing you the best bits of Cape Cod. And seriously, there are some spots here you just can't miss. From beaches that stretch on for miles to adorable towns packed with that New England charm, we have picked out the top 5 places you have got to check out. These spots are where all the magic happens, where you will really get why so many people fall in love with this place.

Hit Up Downtown Chatham

Chatham Orpeum Theater. Cape Cod, USA
(Photo : Tripadvisor)

When you step into Downtown Chatham on Cape Cod, it feels like you have walked into a live postcard. The place is dotted with cool shops and places to eat that really give you a taste of what the local scene is all about. Catching a movie at the Chatham Orpheum Theater? It's like stepping back in time, but with all the latest flicks. Shops like Mahi Gold are where you find those outfits that scream summer on Cape Cod. And when night falls, Chatham Squire is the spot to be for some good eats and tunes. It's a slice of Cape Cod life you do not want to miss.

Chill at Mayflower Beach

Mayflower Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
(Photo : Christine Johannessen on Unsplash)

Over in Dennis, Mayflower Beach is this little slice of heaven that's perfect for families or anyone looking to catch some peaceful beach vibes. The water here is warmer and clearer than what you find on the ocean side, making it a hit for a relaxing swim. When the tide goes out, the beach opens up into these massive sandbars where you can wander and find all sorts of beachy treasures. It is not as packed as other spots, which means you can lay back and really soak in those Cape Cod sunsets. Plus, they have got all the essentials like bathrooms and snacks right there. It is basically your chill beach day, sorted.

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Cruise to Provincetown

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
(Photo : Ruth H Curtis on Unsplash)

Provincetown, right at Cape Cod's tip, is this buzzing little town with a big heart. It is packed with art, good food, and some of the coolest people you will meet. Climbing up the Pilgrim Monument is a must-do for killer views and a bit of a history lesson. This town is all about welcoming everyone, so you feel right at home the minute you arrive. And if you are into whales, you are in luck because the whale watching here is next-level. Provincetown is your go-to for a taste of Cape Cod's artsy, inclusive vibe.

Paddle on Bass River

Bass River, Cape Cod
(Photo : Explore New England)

Grabbing a kayak and hitting the Bass River is like unlocking a secret level of Cape Cod you do not usually see. This river cuts through Yarmouth and Dennis, offering up calm waters that are perfect for a paddle. You will spot all sorts of wildlife, making it a mini-adventure with nature. There are plenty of spots to rent kayaks, so you just show up and get going. It is a chilled way to spend a day, away from the beach crowds, but still super refreshing. Kayaking here shows you a quieter, wilder side of Cape Cod that you just have to check out.

Wander Through Sandwich

Sandwich Glass Museum, Cape Cod
(Photo : Cape Cod Truly Yours)

Sandwich is Cape Cod's oldest town and it packs a lot of charm and history. Over at the Sandwich Glass Museum, you get to dive into the town's glassblowing past with some pretty impressive pieces on show. Then, there's Heritage Museums & Gardens - think acres of stunning gardens and cool exhibits that give you a peek into America's past. The Boardwalk is your go-to for some epic views on your way to the beach. Downtown, you are in for a treat with shops that sell everything from handmade goodies to the tastiest local snacks. It is a chill, historic stop on your Cape Cod journey that you do not want to skip.

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