British tourists are being urged to show better manners on flights to avoid being disrespectful and making the experience unpleasant for others. Alex Dyer, an etiquette expert, highlights several behaviors that should be avoided, such as putting feet up, neglecting personal hygiene, and mishandling personal belongings. The advice aims to improve the flying experience for everyone.

Etiquette Expert Calls Out British Tourists for Plane Misconduct

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British Tourists Warned to Behave Better on Flights

Flying can be a challenging experience, made even more difficult by the actions of fellow passengers. Recently, British tourists have been called out for engaging in behaviors on flights that are considered disrespectful and inconvenient to others. Alex Dyer, an etiquette expert and psychologist, has shared insights into what constitutes poor behavior on planes and how it can negatively impact the travel environment.

As shared by Express, one of the main issues highlighted is passengers putting their feet up on seats or walls, which is not only rude but also unhygienic. This behavior can dirty the surfaces others use and contribute to an overall unpleasant flight. Given that planes are not deep-cleaned between journeys, such actions can exacerbate unclean conditions.

Moreover, neglecting personal hygiene is a significant concern. Due to the close quarters on a plane, maintaining cleanliness, like using deodorant and avoiding strong perfumes, is crucial for everyone's comfort. British tourists are also advised against spreading their belongings beyond their assigned seat area, as space is limited and doing so can inconvenience others, slow down boarding, and make disembarking more difficult.

Etiquette expert Dyer emphasizes the importance of small gestures, such as using headphones at a reasonable volume, disposing of waste properly, and being courteous to fellow passengers. These actions, although small, can collectively enhance the travel experience for everyone by fostering a more considerate and pleasant atmosphere.

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British Tourists in Spain Face Growing Unhappiness from Locals

Spain is looking at a record-breaking year for tourism in 2024, with more British tourists expected to visit than ever before. Despite the booming industry, locals are showing signs of frustration with the increasing number of visitors. Slogans like "Tourists go home" have been spotted in various tourist spots, indicating a growing unrest among the residents.

According to iNews, in places like Tenerife and Barcelona, graffiti expressing discontent with the presence of tourists, especially those from Britain, has become more common. Residents feel overwhelmed by the tourists who seem to disregard their customs and lifestyle. The clash between the tourists' spending power and the local average earnings, especially in the Canary Islands where it's around €1,200 a month, adds to the tension.

Despite these incidents, the Spanish tourism sector is thriving, with a significant contribution to the country's GDP. In 2023, Spain welcomed 85.1 million foreign tourists, with British tourists making up a considerable portion. The tourism industry's growth is expected to continue, increasing its GDP contribution further.

However, the rise in tourism has led to higher living costs and pressure on local resources, prompting some cities to consider measures to limit tourist numbers. While some authorities describe the protests as isolated events, the sentiment among locals suggests a quest for balance between welcoming tourists and preserving their quality of life.

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