In Bali, officials are looking for a British travel influencer who posted negative TikTok videos about the island's traffic and Kuta beach. The influencer, named Corrin, criticized the heavy traffic and the dirty condition of Kuta beach. Bali's tourism task force is coordinating with immigration agencies about the issue. This incident occurs as Bali introduces a new tourist tax to preserve its environment and culture.

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Bali Officials Seek British Influencer Over Critical TikTok Videos

In Bali, a popular tourist destination, authorities are searching for a British influencer following her critical TikTok videos about the island. The influencer, known as Corrin, expressed her disappointment with Bali's traffic and the state of the famous Kuta beach.

Corrin's videos, which went viral, show her frustration with Bali's congested roads, particularly in Kuta, a resort area favored by foreign visitors. She described the traffic as "unbearable" and was upset by the drivers not respecting pedestrian crossings. In her video, she stated, "Honestly, I hate it," while showing the chaotic traffic scenes, according to the South China Morning Post.

Another major issue Corrin highlighted was the condition of Kuta Beach. She was shocked to find the beach littered with rubbish and questioned why this side of Bali is not commonly shown. Corrin expresses her disappointment in the video, saying that there is literally rubbish all along the waterfront.

   @cor_98 Bali traffic is unbearable, no one shows you this side of things when you are researching it is an absolutle nightmare!#traffic #research #nightmare #joke #fyp #bali ♬ original sound - Corrin    

Her criticism did not go unnoticed by Bali's tourism task force, which handles issues with tourists' behavior. As per the report, they have deported several visitors in the past for inappropriate conduct. A senior official mentioned that they are gathering information about Corrin and are in talks with the immigration agency.

In response to the influencer's complaints, Bali's acting governor Sang Made Mahendra Jaya admitted the messiness of Kuta beach due to uncleared trash and damaged stalls. He recently led a local clean-up initiative at the beach.

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The controversy comes at a time when Bali is introducing a new tourist tax. Starting Feb. 14, foreign tourists will be charged a $10 fee to help preserve Bali's environment and culture. Over four million international visitors came to the island in the first ten months of 2023, highlighting its popularity as a holiday destination.

Bali Hit by Severe Weather, Landslide Damages Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Bali has been experiencing extreme weather this week, including heavy rains leading to landslides and lightning storms. On Sunday afternoon, a significant landslide hit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jatiluwih in Tabanan Regency, Bali. The landslide, triggered by intense rainfall, destroyed the parking area, causing a loss of approximately IDR 100 million.

The local police chief, AKP I Gusti Kade Alit Murdiasa, confirmed the event, noting the collapse of a wall over the parking lot. The Bali Sun reported that four cars and two motorcycles were buried under the debris. Despite the damage to the parking area, the nearby Senganan-Jatiluwih Road remains open.

Tourists planning to visit the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces should consider parking in Jatiluwih Village and walking to the site, especially as heavy rains are expected to continue. Suitable footwear is recommended due to potentially muddy conditions.

In another weather-related incident, twelve watermelon farmers in Buleleng Regency were struck by lightning while taking shelter, resulting in two deaths and several injuries. The Bali Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency warns of continued heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning during this transition period into the rainy season. Tourists and locals are advised to stay updated on weather reports and exercise caution while outdoors.

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