Su Va Na Restaurant in Phuket is a distinctive dining experience, setting itself apart from other restaurants with its innovative approach to food and ambiance. Located within Aquaria Phuket, an advanced aquarium, Su Va Na offers guests an opportunity to dine surrounded by an underwater landscape teeming with over 25,000 sea creatures and 300 different species.

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Videographer Konstantin on YouTube)

In Phuket, known for its diverse food scene, Su Va Na creates a memorable impression with its commitment to excellence in both cuisine and setting. Guests at Su Va Na are treated to a marine adventure as they dine, an experience that is rare and engaging. 

Here are the reasons WHY Su Va Na Restaurant is unique compared to other common restaurants. 

Unmatched Dining Ambiance

Su Va Na in Phuket offers an ambiance that is truly unparalleled. The restaurant is situated within Aquaria Phuket, an advanced and spectacular aquarium. This unique setting provides guests with the rare opportunity to dine surrounded by an astonishing variety of marine life.

This underwater panorama adds an extraordinary dimension to your dining experience, making it more than just a meal but a visual feast too.

Culinary Adventure

At Su Va Na, you are taking a culinary adventure, not simply dining. The restaurant's approach to food is an art form, blending contemporary European cooking techniques with the richness of Thai ingredients. The tasting menus are thoughtfully curated to offer a seamless flow of flavors and textures.

From delicate starters to hearty main courses and divine desserts, every dish is prepared with precision and presented with flair. The ingredients are sourced from the finest producers, ensuring that each bite you take is a testament to quality and creativity.

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Videographer Konstantin on YouTube)

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Exclusive Dining Experiences

Su Va Na offers a range of dining experiences, each designed to cater to different moods and preferences. The VIP Tunnel is an exclusive option for those seeking an intimate dining experience. Here, you are enveloped in an underwater tunnel, providing a close-up view of the aquatic life.

For a more dynamic atmosphere, the Su Va Na Lounge, with its live music, offers a perfect blend of culinary excellence and entertainment. Then there is Su Va Na's 7 Wonders, an experience that elevates your dining with a mesmerizing mermaid performance, adding a touch of magic to your evening.

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Videographer Konstantin on YouTube)

Sophisticated Pricing for a Luxurious Experience

Su Va Na's pricing reflects the sophistication and exclusivity of the experience it offers. The 13-course menu is priced at around THB 6,000, while the more extensive 16-course menu is around THB 7,500. This pricing is a testament to the quality of the ingredients used, the skill involved in preparing each dish, and the overall dining experience provided.

A Place for Food Lovers

Phuket is known for its diverse culinary landscape, and Su Va Na adds a unique dimension to it. The restaurant has become a must-visit for food lovers who are looking for something beyond the ordinary. Also, Chef Atanu's innovative approach and the restaurant's commitment to excellence make Su Va Na a standout in Phuket's dining scene.

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