Are you a fan of 'Attack on Titan'? Then, you must visit Nördlingen, a special town in Germany. Unlike other German towns, Nördlingen's round shape and old walls give you a look into a past that mirrors the walled city in 'Attack on Titan.'

The town's old buildings and walls make you feel like you are in the anime. Walking through its streets, you will see how a real place can look so much like a fictional one from a TV show. 

You Must Visit this town in Germany If You are a Huge Fan of Attack on Titan
(Photo : Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

But Nördlingen is not just a place for anime fans. It is a living history book, filled with stories from long ago. As you walk through its streets, you are also strolling through European history. 

Nördlingen, Germany - The Real-Life Inspiration for 'Attack on Titan'

This German town, with its history and distinct circular shape, inspired the fictional setting where humans battle against gigantic Titans.

Taking a stroll in the streets of Nördlingen, the resemblance to the anime's setting becomes clear. Surrounded by a well-maintained medieval wall, Nördlingen shares a key feature with the anime's walled city. These walls, from the 14th century, extend for 2.7 kilometers. Originally built for protection, they remind us of the barriers in 'Attack on Titan' that shield humans from the Titans.

Beyond the walls, Nördlingen's layout and the close placement of its buildings echo the anime's city design. This is no coincidence. Attack on Titan's creators were influenced by this layout, capturing the feel of a community surrounded by walls for safety.

Exploring Nördlingen, you will find Saint George's Church, a major part of the town's skyline. Its tall steeple, visible from most parts of the town, is similar to the central structures in the anime where characters meet and plan their defense.

You Must Visit this town in Germany If You are a Huge Fan of Attack on Titan
(Photo : XAVIER PHOTOGRAPHY on Unsplash)

Nördlingen is fascinating not only for its architecture but also for its geological history. It sits in a meteorite impact crater, the Nördlinger Ries, combining history, architecture, and science.

For 'Attack on Titan' fans, visiting Nördlingen in Germany is a step into the real world of their favorite show. The town's streets and buildings offer a physical connection to the anime, allowing fans to experience part of their beloved series in real life.

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Tips for Your Visit to Nördlingen

Visiting Nördlingen in Germany is a must for any fan of 'Attack on Titan,' but you should know the best time to visit this German town and how to make it perfect. Here are some helpful tips. 

First, timing your visit is key. Nördlingen shines in the spring and autumn. These seasons in Germany offer pleasant weather, ideal for exploring the town's cobbled streets and historical sites. Plus, fewer tourists mean you can enjoy a more relaxed experience.

When in Nördlingen, your itinerary should definitely include a walk along the town's well-preserved medieval walls. These walls are a standout feature and bear an uncanny resemblance to the fortifications in 'Attack on Titan.' As you walk, take a moment to appreciate the panoramic views of the town and its surroundings.

Do not miss the Saint George's Church, locally known as St. Georgskirche. Climbing its tower, known as "Daniel," rewards you with a breathtaking view. It is said that this vista inspired the creator of the series, making it a pilgrimage site for fans.

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