Siquijor, a small island in the Philippines, is known for its mythical legends, but there's so much more to discover. This island, located in the central Visayan region, offers beautiful scenery, interesting history, and a lively culture. While some know Siquijor for its stories, it has many other attractions.

The beauty of Siquijor is in its simplicity and realness. When you arrive, you will see peaceful beaches, untouched nature, and friendly locals. The island's history is interesting, with old churches and traditional healing that show a strong Filipino heritage.

Why Siquijor, Philippines is More Than Just Legends
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Life in Siquijor shows how old traditions and modern ways can live together. This is clear in the buildings and the food, giving you a real taste of Filipino life.

Why Siquijor, Philippines is More Than Just 'Scary Legends'

There are some "scary" or even "mythical" stories spreading online, but one thing we can assure you is Siquijor is MORE THAN THAT.

The island's history is fascinating. You will see old churches like the centuries-old St. Francis of Assisi Church near the port. The traditional healing practices in Siquijor, known as 'bolo-bolo', are also something you won't find everywhere. These practices are part of the Filipino heritage and are very interesting to learn about.

In Siquijor, old traditions and new ways come together. This mix is seen in the buildings, where old structures stand next to newer ones, and in the food, which is a delicious combination of traditional Filipino dishes and modern flavors.

As you look around Siquijor, you will realize it's not all about the legends. It is a place where the true beauty of the Philippines is easy to see. 

Why Siquijor, Philippines is More Than Just Legends
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Paliton Beach

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The local food in Siquijor is a treat. You will find dishes here that are both familiar and new, all delicious. The markets and small eateries serve fresh, home-cooked meals that give you a real taste of the island's flavors. Whether it is seafood fresh from the ocean or a local dish cooked with traditional spices, you're in for a culinary adventure.

Apart from the food, there are many places in Siquijor that you should visit. The beaches are a must-see, with their white sand and clear waters. Paliton Beach, known as the 'Little Boracay', is a fantastic spot for its stunning sunset views. Cambugahay Falls is another gem, offering cascading waters and natural pools perfect for a refreshing dip. Salagdoong Beach is also popular for those seeking thrilling cliff jumps.

Why Siquijor, Philippines is More Than Just Legends
(Photo : Screenshot from Tripadvisor)
Salagdoong Beach

The historical sites in Siquijor are also worth visiting. The old churches and buildings tell the story of the island's past. You can also visit landmarks that are important to the local culture. The enchanting Balete Tree and fish spa is a unique experience, where you can sit and have your feet nibbled by fish in a natural setting.

For those who love nature, Siquijor has waterfalls, caves, and trails perfect for exploring. The natural scenery is breathtaking, and there's always something new to discover around every corner. The Cantabon Cave is a remarkable adventure for spelunkers, offering a thrilling exploration experience.

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