In a dramatic turn of events, Sai, a cat, was found safe at Tampa International Airport after a daring escape. He had secretly hitched a ride with his caretaker, Karen, and fled from the car in the parking garage. The airport staff and community members joined forces in a night-long search, successfully reuniting Sai with a family friend.

Cat Found at Tampa International Airport After Escape

At Tampa International Airport, a cat named Sai that went missing on Thursday was found. Sai, a handsome cat, was being looked after by his grandma Karen. His mom, Hanna, moved to Germany to be with her husband in the Army.

According to WTSP News, Sai secretly got into Karen's car and rode to the airport. When Karen left her car in the long-term parking to catch a flight, Sai jumped out and ran away.

Airport officials were told about the missing cat. They asked the airport police and workers to look for Sai. Late at night, workers saw Sai in the parking garage. They got him back to the friend of Hanna who asked the airport for help. This friend will look after Sai while Karen is away.

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The airport's Facebook page praised the team for finding Sai. The post said, "Way to go, Team TPA!"

In other news, an owl was saved in Milton after being hit by a car. In Fort Worth, the community helped with medical care for eight puppies left on a highway in a taped box.

Tampa International Airport Saw Busy Holiday Travel

Last Saturday, Tampa International Airport experienced one of its busiest travel days of the year. Families across the country were heading home for Christmas celebrations. Among them was 13-year-old Victor Hernandez, who, along with his father, was traveling to Puerto Rico. Victor expressed his excitement for Christmas, calling it a new experience every time.

However, traveling during the holiday season can be challenging. Victor's father advised travelers to be ready for any problems that might arise. Adam Bouchard, a representative from Tampa International Airport, reported that the number of passengers was expected to be high, similar to Thanksgiving weekend. "We expect close to 90,000 passengers on peak days, compared to our average of 60,000," Bouchard said.

Tihani Anderson, a guest experience employee at the airport, observed that this year seemed busier than previous ones, especially with more families and young children traveling. She noted that many families are taking advantage of the time to be together, especially after the pandemic's impact on travel last year.

ABC Action News reported that the airport's leaders suggested that travelers arrive at least two hours early for their flights and reserve their parking spots on time via the airport's website. Bouchard mentioned that during Thanksgiving, nearly all of the airport's 20,000 parking spaces were filled.

Bouchard also commented on the preparations made for the busy travel period, praising the efforts of airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and other federal partners in staffing up adequately.

Victor Hernandez reminded fellow travelers to be patient and kind during this busy season. Anderson echoed this sentiment, urging travelers to pack patience for themselves and others. She emphasized that everyone's goal is to reach their destinations safely.

Finally, airport officials advised passengers to check their flight status before heading to the airport, ensuring no delays or cancellations would affect their travel plans.

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