The Galapagos Islands is undoubtedly one of the most well-known archipelagos in the whole world. Its islands are best known for the their many endemic species, which were eventually studied by biologist Charles Darwin. 

The islands have become famous tourist destinations as well, especially for those who enjoy being outdoors and those who love animals. One of the islands that can be visited is the archipelago's largest one, Isabela Island. 

An island that straddles the equator, Isabela Island has a shape that is said to resemble a seahorse. It is likewise home to six volcanos, and five of which are still active today. 

Here are what travelers can see and do when they visit Isabela Island. 

Visit the Wall of Tears

One of the most-visited attractions that Isabela Island has to offer is known as the Wall of Tears (Muro de las Lágrimas). Isabela Island used to serve as a penal colony, and the wall was built by prisoners between 1945 and 1959.

Its construction caused the deaths of thousands of prisoners, and its presence today is a reminder of the island's dark past. 

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Sierra Negra 

As mentioned prior, Isabela Island is home to six volcanos. One of which is Sierra Negra (Black Mountain), which is a shield volcano that is considered one of the most active on the Galapagos Islands. Its most recent eruption took place in June 2018. 

Visiting Sierra Negra can be a challenge to those are not used to hours of walking or horseback riding, according to Galapagos Conservancy. Those who are up for the challenge can head to the primary visitor site, Volcán Chico, which is found on the northeast corner of the volcano. 

Meet Iguanas 

When visiting any of the Galapagos Islands, it is very much usual to encounter a number of animals during your stay. Specifically, it is very common to find iguanas. 

Expect to find both marine and land iguanas while in Isabela Island. Urbina Bay is one of the places where you can find land iguanas, while marine iguanas can be found in the northern island of the island, particularly in Albemarle Point. 

Make Friends with Penguins

Ecuador might be one of the last places on Earth you'll think you'll find penguins in, but that's actually wrong. Penguins call Isabela Island home. 

Elizabeth Bay is one of the places you can find penguins loitering about. Venturing to the Marielas Islets will likewise allow you to see some penguins. 

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Go Diving

While there are many animals to find on land, there are also many to find underwater. Isabela Island has seven dive sites, which are as follows:

  • Cape Marshall
  • Four Brothers
  • Punta Vicente Roca
  • Roca Redondo
  • Tagus Cove
  • Tortuga Island 
  • Urbina Bay

Among the animals that can be spotted during a dive are sea turtles, sea lions, manta rays, and sting rays. Those who hope to spot many shark species should head to Roca Rendondo, while those who want to see a variety of sponges and corals should head to Tagus Cove.