Greece is without a doubt one of the most popular countries in the world in terms of tourist destinations. There is much to see and love in this European country, including its food, culture, and tourist attractions. 

This Mediterranean nation has much to offer any kind of traveler, even those who are more after outdoor activities and being around nature. One such destination in Greece that outdoor lovers shouldn't miss out on is the Nestos River. 

A river shared by both Greece and Bulgaria, those in Greece can head to the area of Xanthi to see this majestic river where multiple outdoor activities can be enjoyed. 

Nestos River as a Hiking Destination

For avid hikers out there, there is a hiking trail that stretches from from Toxotes to Stavroupoli and crosses the Nestos River. You don't have to worry about rough roads initially as the first section of the trail is actually stone-built. 

Expect the hike to last for around seven to eight hours. It may be long, but it is a fairly easy hike. You can likewise expect to pass some local villages, such as Kromniko and Livera. 

If you're the type to enjoy taking photos of nature, you will also find willow, plane and cedar trees, wildflowers, orchids, and even lilacs along the way. Bird watching is another activity you can enjoy along the way as herons, eagles, and even vultures can be spotted as you go. 

Why Greece's Nestos River Should Be on the Bucket List of Anyone Who Enjoys the Outdoors
(Photo : Feri & Tasos on Unsplash)

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Water Activities to Enjoy

If you enjoy being in the water more than doing activities on land, you can opt for tours that allow you to go kayaking or rafting. There are two courses that you can take. One is the Platanovrysi-Xagnanto-Stavroupoli course, and the other is the Stavroupoli-Livera-Galani course. 

Tour operators will provide the safety gear, so be sure to follow their instructions in order to have an accident-free experience. 

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