The Philippine Bureau of Immigration has permanently blacklisted an American traveler, Anthony Laurence, 34, after he was accused of using profane language on a digital immigration form and displaying rudeness towards immigration officers.

American Traveler Disrespects Immigration Staff

Laurence, who flew into Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport from Bangkok on an Air Asia flight on November 7, allegedly exhibited disdain towards the immigration staff.

According to CNN, the incident escalated when Laurence was asked to complete an online travel form. Philippine authorities claim he threw his passport and mobile phone at an officer. Laurence, a property investor who spends time in the Philippines intermittently, has contested these claims.

Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco stated that Laurence's online form contained a fictitious address, incomplete name, and profane language. Tansingco emphasized that while officers are advised to show maximum tolerance, Laurence had crossed the line with his behavior, compromising the efficiency of their system.

The bureau insists on respectful conduct and adherence to procedures from all travelers, warning that violations will be dealt with strictly. However, the American traveler disputes the bureau's version of events. He told CNN that he did not throw anything or raise his voice. He claimed his frustration stemmed from difficulties in filling out the form on his phone, leading him to enter incorrect information to expedite his travel for a connecting flight.

American Traveler Permanently Barred from the Philippines for Alleged Disrespectful Conduct
(Photo : Erik Odiin via Unsplash)

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Criticized Authorities for Overreacting

Laurence stated that he apologized for his actions, but his apologies were ignored by the immigration officer. He has also criticized the Philippine authorities for overreacting and not providing him with due process or official documentation of the ban, which he learned about through media reports.

The American traveler, who identifies as an investor and claims to have resided in Cebu for two years, told the Bureau of Immigration that he owns property in the city and has traveled to and from the Philippines six or seven times in the last two years. However, the BI has not independently confirmed his profession, property ownership, or travel history, as per the South China Morning Post.

In a recent statement, Laurence admitted to entering an expletive on the immigration form, clarifying that it was not directed at anyone. He declined to specify the exact words he used on the form. Despite acknowledging his error in not correctly completing the form, Laurence expressed his belief that this mistake does not justify a permanent ban or blacklisting.

The e-Travel system, implemented to modernize and streamline entry into the Philippines, is an online platform that has replaced the traditional paper-based arrival and departure cards. This digital system requires travelers to fill out their details at least 72 hours before arriving in the Philippines, ensuring a more efficient and smoother immigration process.

Throughout the current year, the Filipino authorities have emphasized the importance of respecting immigration officers and following the established procedures. As part of their commitment to maintaining order and decorum at entry points, they have reported that 44 foreigners have been barred from entering the country. These exclusions are due to various incidents where individuals showed disrespect towards immigration staff.

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