If you're a travel addict, you may know that Greece is among the most visited European countries. The pleasant weather, friendly people, and delicious food would lure anyone to visit this country at least once. But sailing the Greek Islands makes the European experience even more exciting.

Although the usual average time people spend on their vacation in Greece is about one week, if you want to explore all the islands, you'll need at least two weeks to cover all sailing locations. Greece has around 6.000 islands and islets, but 12 are the most beautiful and worth exploring.

Want to book your next sailing vacation along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea? Here's what to expect.

What is the best time for sailing in Greece?

Greece has one of the longest sailing seasons compared to other countries due to its Mediterranean climate. Therefore, you can choose almost any time for sailing, and you'll have a great experience. However, the best period is between May and October, when the Meltemi winds start blowing, enhancing the sailing experience.

The high-season months for sailing are July and August, when the hot and dry summer perfect ideal temperatures, but it can also be the most expensive season as many tourists choose these months for their travel.

It's best to avoid the off-season during Winter, which usually starts in November and ends around March. Although Greece is known as a warm country and the temperatures might feel good, sailing in the Greek waters during this season might be too dangerous for you as a beginner or even intermediate sailor. Plus, most islands are partially shut down as fewer tourists than usual.

What is the best way to get around the Greek Islands?

If you're an experienced sailor, you can go with about anything on the Greek waters as they're usually calm. But a less experienced sailing enjoyer might need a skippered charter as the Meltemi winds have sudden, less easily controlled blows. You can find skippered charters in Greece with 12 Knots as they provide 48 different bases from where you can choose the perfect chart to explore the entire Greek coastline.

A skippered charter usually has a professional captain responsible for your safety on the yacht during the whole sailing experience. You'll be provided a brief introduction about the yachting aspects and the base emergency procedures. Choosing a skippered charter instead of going on your own is best because you won't have to worry about unexpected events and will be introduced to the Greek Islands and their story more engagingly. 

What are some Greek islands worth seeing?

Germany has many incredible islands, but it w take a few weeks to explore them thoroughly. Therefore, some highlights we recommend you visit include the following:

  • Lefkas Marina is located on the Ionian Isle and is one of the best marinas. The facilities there have one of the highest standards for tourists, while the town of Lefkada has impressive restaurants, shops, and coffee shops where you can experience the authenticity of Greece;

  • The Sporades Islands include 24 islands that impress you with their magnificent landscapes. The Agios Petros Bay is a must-see at the National Marine Park of Alonissos. Also, keep an eye out for the endangered species of Mediterranean monk seals;

  • The southern beaches of Mykonos will allow you to have a less crowded trip as Elia, Kalo Livadi, and Kalafati are more uncongested;

What should you bring with you?

Depending on your chosen services, you may be provided with lunch on b and various drinks. Snorkeling equipment may also be available if you're interested, but you should have your own beach. At the same time, it would be best to have closed, non-slip shoes to avoid losing balance while on the deck.

Some other essentials include the following:

  • Swimsuit;

  • Sun hat;

  • Sunglasses;

  • Flip flops;

  • Sunscreen;

  • A waterproof jacket in case you're traveling during colder months;

Try to care for your skin more because the sun reflects off on the ocean, which intensifies its rays when reaching your skin. Therefore, cover yourself with light, airy clothing, put lots of sunscreen on your skin, and try not to stay outside too long in the sun.

What is the procedure for renting a boat?

With 12 Knots, renting a boat is similar to renting a car, so you won't have to worry about complicated procedures. Booking your preferred yacht takes about a few days to be confirmed.   Damage deposit should be paid on post with credit card  and will be refunded at the end of the trip if the boat has no damages.

Returning the boat in good condition will allow you to get your deposit back, for which you should do the following:

  • Leave the boat uncluttered by washing your dishes or taking out your garbage;

  • Refuel the boat in advance so that you'll avoid queues in the morning;

  • Keep in mind possible technical issues so that the manager will be able to fix them;

  • Contact the charter company's technical support on the challenges encountered during the trip;

  • Check out the gear provided and ensure it's in good condition;

  • Ask for a check-out list at the base to ensure you won't be attributed some of the possible damages to the boat after your trip;

Lastly, make sure you're up to date with the latest requirements on the documents you need to provide. It's best to communicate with the company more often so that you're sure of a stress-free vacation and will not have to pay extra money for certain damages or documents.

Bottom line

Sailing in Greece can be one of the most impressive experiences of your life. If you choose the right boat company and are checked in with all the documents necessary, you'll have no worries sailing among the country's multiple islands.