If you are from the United States, taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest feels like you are embarking on an adventure to a different country. With jungles and forests, coastlines and mountains, this area of the country has a diverse terrain. As you explore Oregon and Washington, there are a few jaw-dropping experiences that you can't miss on your journey. In this article, we will share five things you can't miss on your Pacific Northwest road trip.

1. Hike Along Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery is the northwestern tip of the contiguous states. This rugged point is known for being home to many forms of wildlife. On a clear day, you can typically see whales migrating along the shore line. In addition, this attraction holds a picturesque lighthouse. Since this area is far away from a major city, you can typically experience this natural wonder without being distracted by obnoxious crowds.

2. Yachting On the Puget Sound

If you are interested in discovering great boat-berthing space in the pacific northwest, Emerald Landing offers upscale amenities just minutes away from the heart of Seattle. With so many lakes and bodies of water nearby, yachting in this region of the country should be at the top of your bucket list. As you strum by stunning mountains and enchanted forests, you will have the opportunity to experience Washtington state with a new perspective.

3. Settling In On the Oregon Coast

When you think of the Oregon coastline, do not think about sunny beaches and dotted bikinis. Rather, think of spectacular cliffs and rough waters. Although this may not be the typical beach experience, the coastline offers absolutely stunning views. If you choose to visit the beaches, make sure to pack blankets and sweatshirts! It is typically chilly and windy on beaches across the entire state of Oregon.

4. Exploring Olympic National Park

Because of the diverse terrain, Olympic National Park is one of the most intriguing national sites in the nation. Although this park is accessible from many different areas, there are many wonderful gems that can only be accessed by foot. If you are up for an adventure, pack your backpacking gear and plan to spend multiple days pillaging through the depths of this national park. Be prepared for fluctuating temperatures! Although the deepest parts of the forest may be dense and warm, the mountain tops will likely still be adorned with snowcaps.

5. Being a Tourist In Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city that is worth visiting. With many city parks and walkable areas, the entire county offers a vibe unlike most other cities in the country. Not only will these walkable areas give you an opportunity to exercise, they allow you to see unique areas of town. In addition, the food is to die for. Whether you prefer Mexican, Thai, American, or Mediterranean cuisines, there are restaurants for every taste bud.


Whether you prefer outdoor adventures or cityscapes, the pacific northwest is adorned with enjoyable attractions that everyone could find enjoyable. During your time, make sure to check out the unique terrains, boating experiences, and dining destinations. When you do adequate research and plan ahead, this vacation will likely be one of your most memorable trips of all time.