Los Angeles is known as the haven of the entertainment industry, but there is more of what the city can offer. This metropolitan from California can provide a better source of entertainment that travelers can enjoy with the kick of nature: exploring the roads of LA and visiting their best tourist attractions.

With a staggering 472 square miles in size, visiting every corner of LA is impossible if you have limited time and an inadequately planned itinerary. If you want to tick off as many sites as possible on your bucket list, you'll need a travel companion that could take you to various places, such as a motorcycle tour. 

If you're up for a motorcycle adventure, find the best motorcycle rentals Los Angeles. Make sure to navigate the best motorcycle routes around LA:

Malibu Canyon

Riding the motorcycle can be challenging for people who are not too familiar with riding them. With a 45-minute ride away from Los Angeles, to top off this list is a motorcycle route that can cater to both bike novices and experts - the serene Malibu Canyon. By traversing this road, you'll witness the view of the picturesque green canyon landscape and oceanic view of the Pacific.  

If you're coming from LA and exploring the Malibu Canyon, there are tons of great places in Malibu to visit. Being famous as the beach city, perhaps the best beach that Malibu can offer is the one and only Malibu Beach. 

Pacific Coast Highway

For a breathtaking view of America's thoroughfares, the Pacific Coast Highway is an excellent motorcycle ride that you wouldn't want to miss. Other than being the best-known highways in the country because of how far it can take you to numerous places, it also offers a beautiful and consistent overall scenery during the ride. 

The Pacific Coast Highway covers a whopping 127 miles with plenty of turns, drops, and climbs, so you'll never feel bored during the ride. Due to the highway's touring length, you can pass by various cities neighboring LA and have an out-and-out adventure. 

Starting from Los Angeles, you can begin traveling the Highway 1 throughout the Pacific Coast Line then to Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Simeon, and the famous San Francisco. 

Make sure to stop by during your ride and visit some of the best food places in every town:

  • Santa Barbara: Cold Spring Tavern, Handlebar Coffee Roasters, and Bibi Ji

  • Santa Maria: The Swiss Restaurant and Firestone Grill

  • San Simeon: Sebastian's General Store and Cavalier Restaurant

  • San Francisco: Tartine Manufactory, Liholiho Yacht Club, and Lazy Bear

Along with dining in these places, check out other breathtaking sites along your road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Angeles Crest Highway

Next up is a motorcycle route encompassing scenery with alpine mountains and blue skies, commencing only a few minutes away from downtown Los Angeles to La Cañada, is the mesmerizing Angeles Crest Highway. This motorcycle passage envelops 120 miles that traverse east, starting from Highway 2 up to Wrightwood, California.

The adventure on this highway is full of twists and turns, but you can always drop by their tourist places, which boasts the beauty of their natural and human-made structures. The La Cañada Flintridge is home to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where Earth science and robotic spaces missions take place. 

Other than that, you can visit golf courses at the Frisbee Golf Course or the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club, and take a quick stroll at the Descanso Botanical Gardens. 

Mulholland Highway

Located between the Kanan Dume Road and Malibu Canyon is the Mulholland Highway, a swift of asphalt roads associated with a twisty motorcycle ride. Exploring this route will only take 20 minutes, so many bikers stop by at the renowned stagecoach-turned-restaurant, serving BBQ sandwiches and other delicacies known as the Old Place Grill.

Since it favors bold travelers, the Mulholland Highway is not for the faint-hearted. If you don't have sufficient knowledge and moderate to high motorcycle skills, you'll need to tug along the veteran Mulholland bikers to assist you during the ride safely because of its snake roads. 

Along the highway, here are some of the most popular spots:

  • The Rock Store: Because of California's pleasant year-round climate, you can explore the motorcycle riding in the coastal range roads, including the Mulholland Highway and its nearby Pacific Coast Highway and Kanan Dume Road. Try visiting here on a Sunday morning to have breakfast and selfies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Leno, and other celebrities. 

  • The Snake: Now, the best and most favorite part of riders is The Snake, where they can truly test their driving skills. The Snake stretches up to 2 miles, right above The Rock Store. 

  • Edward's Corner: After heading from The Snake, Edward's Corner is where most motorcycle accidents happen. The road is confusing due to its ascending uphill nature, where there is a constant radius turn at first, then suddenly decreases, and finally flattened out. 

Final Word

Among different regions in the US, Los Angeles, California, remains unique for both locals and travelers because of its bike and motorcycle-friendly sites. 

When visiting Los Angeles to see various tourist sites and experience their diverse lifestyle, make sure to include a motorcycle adventure on your LA bucket list and explore these exhilarating routes.