Winter is coming. Some people like to find shelter during the cold months, whereas some of us cannot wait to descent snow-covered mountains. 

Conquering mountain after mountain is every adventurer's dream. However, it is nice to stumble upon a luxury hotel and resort now and then. 

These peaks of civilization in the midst of a winter adventure add a unique charm to the holiday. Here are the most luxurious skiing resorts in North America. 

Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA

Beaver Creek is a piece of Europe in the USA. This exclusive ski resort took the best features of famous skiing destinations such as Cortina in Italy, St. Moritz in Switzerland, and Val d'Aran in Spain. The resort consists of three villages: Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, and 

Beaver Creek Village.

Despite the first-class hotels and shops, Beaver Creek is abundant in various courses for all levels. Whereas this area is the ideal field for attaching skies for the first time, some of the tracks challenge even the most radical winter sports enthusiasts. 

Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Canada

They don't build resorts like these anymore. The whole ambient, atmosphere and the aura of the place is from another era. The picturesque design leaves even those blind to art breathless. 

But the design is not this resort's main appeal. For skiers and snowboarders, that is. The tracks, although not in extreme sports tiers, are no pieces of cake at all. This resort boasts with its 136 routes, of which more than a hundred are for more experienced snowboarders and skiers.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA 

The next entry is for serious and more experienced skiers. Although Jackson Hole does have a couple of tracks for beginners and children, the resort is intended for pros and semi-professionals. 

When you are not challenging the tracks of Jackson Hole, you will soak in the breathtaking wildlife of this area. This resort is a window to the past while the villages resemble forgotten cowboy settlements. On occasions, Jackson Hole feels like visiting a Clint Eastwood movie set.

Whistler, Canada 

Whistler ski resort is located on two mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb. These are homes to one of the most challenging tracks. If you are not struggling to see out the end of a road, you will probably absorb the beautiful sceneries found in these mountains only. 

The main attraction for skiers is, without any doubt, the award-winning Nintendo Parks. 

Everyone, from a beginner to a seasoned pro, will find a track for his/her needs.

Nintendo Parks operates under a unique difficulty system - tracks are divided among S, M, L, and XL categories. The aim is to develop your skiing skills as you make the jump from one track to the other.

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Aspen in Colorado is a household name by now. This is a favorite destination amongst celebrities, influencers, and those looking for an adventure in the mountains. In the past, this region hosted a large number of mining towns. Today, this place is a gold mine because of the astonishing scenery, and a favorite for tax lawyer Hamilton and everywhere else. 

The luxury lifestyle is not all that Aspen is about. It wouldn't be a good skiing resort without challenging tracks. Everyone who visited this place can tell you that Aspen has an abundance of ski tracks.

The Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk are two tracks rich in green fields. This makes them ideal for beginners and those in need of more confidence. The famed Aspen skiing school is testing the skills of everyone: from intermediate skiers to veterans. 

Winter in Luxury 

The winter season is a time for adventure. While many count minutes to escape the cold, we like to soak in the cold wind and slide down the most challenging of terrains. 

Some resorts are held in higher regard than others. Some of these top-tier skiing resorts in North America are Aspen and Beaver Creek in Colorado. Another luxury resort in the USA is Jackson Hole in Wyoming. The most distinguished locations in Canada are Whistler Ski Resort and Fairmont Banff Springs.